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Social Media is very cool and super powerful in business.

Used effectively Social Media is about staying visible and close to your customers. Interacting and helping them, making them feel valuable and involved. Standing out from the crowd and showing them why they should stick with you and no one else. Encouraging brand loyalty and increasing the buzz and noise surrounding you as they join in the conversation and fun.

Surely its madness not to utilise it as one of the main pillars in your marketing strategy?!

As a small business owner or professional, you are crazy busy with your many responsibilities. You are focused on overall business strategy, managing your team, business development and sales.

Social Media is demanding, you get your return from your engagement with your community.

The results you and your business need will only come with deliberate, confident, consistent use of the Social Media networks and tools.

Yes, we heard you groan with the thought of yet another thing to do...

... but don't panic! We have solutions to suit your needs!

We love social media - creating strategy, brainstorming exciting ideas, writing tweets, and (most important of all) making it all flow smoothly.

We love saving you time and headaches, whether you need mentoring and strategy so you can forge ahead with an action plan or creating your Social Media presence from scratch.

Based in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire? We can meet for a chat and a cuppa (don't let Sarah have caffeine!).

Anywhere else - lets chat on the phone or Skype (bring your own biscuits).

Our geeky and inspiring team is available to assist you with all things Social Media...

Social Media Strategy
Surge ahead with a dynamic Social Media Strategy in place for creating Social Media Success that enables you to interact with your valued customers on a level that takes you straight to them.

Social Media Mentoring
We want to hold your hand! Don't go at it alone then give up. Be guided, fully supported and motivated on your Social Media journey with private mentoring and coaching.

Social Media Training
No more wasting time trying to use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn without understanding how they work. Know them and use them to maximum effect!

Social Media Management
Don't know enough about it? Haven't got time to work it out? Monthly Social Media Support is here to make your life easier.

Call Mushroom Soufflé on 07958 463689 today to create your Social Media Magic

"In supporting my business activity Mushroom Soufflé has demonstrated a huge amount of understanding of where I am taking the business to and has helped enormously with my social media activity. We work very well together"