Revive your abandoned social media accounts

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Revive those abandoned social media accounts Mushroom SouffleAre you a small business owner? Do you remember when you first started doing social media for your business? That was an exciting time! Watching your Twitter followers grow, responding to tweets, getting published in LinkedIn, posting and engaging with customers on Facebook, Pinterest and the like. It was all such fun! But then, the novelty started waning, or it became too time consuming. It didn’t seem to be generating results and your time seemed better utilised on other aspects of your business.

So … where are those accounts now? If I were to randomly click on your website’s link to, say, your Facebook account, what would I see there? Please don’t tell me that your last post was back in the summer of 2014! I would droop into a puddle of sadness. And that is so not me, as those of you who know me are well aware.


It’s never too late to pick your social media back up

Social media is an important marketing and communications tool. Use it, or lose it … Well, okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. If you don’t use your social media accounts regularly, you won’t actually lose them! They’re still there, in the ether. Pining for attention. Desperate to be buzzing with pics, posts and positive communications.

Thanks to the Women and Broadband Initiative, from the Government Equalities Commission, I’ve spent the last few months delivering social media for business workshops on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council. Called ‘An Introduction to Social Media for Business’, the first four workshops were full day sessions. They were quite intensive and full on, providing a lot more than it said on the tin. I focused on taking the delegates through the two must-haves for any newbie – strategy, and how to brainstorm and create awesome content.

The resulting feedback was excellent, and not something I had anticipated. Many delegates told me I had reignited their motivation to go back to something that they had given up as a bad job many months previously. Social media marketing had been such a painful experience for them that they had abandoned it all. Their social media profiles sat there doing nothing because they were at a loss as to what they needed to do. But now they had a plan!


Take control, make a plan

My point is, DIY social media is hard. It takes time and dedication. But just because it didn’t work out the first time, don’t think you can’t get a new perspective. It’s simply a matter of acquiring new knowledge and understanding, some inspiration, and reviving those old accounts. It doesn’t really matter if there’s a gap in the feed. The important thing is to start feeding those timelines again!

If you’re still uncertain about what content to use, or how to use your social media accounts effectively, never fear. Simply find someone who speaks your language, and who will give you the tools to enable you to take control and make a success of it. That someone might even be me!

If you would like to find out more about making a success of your social media, visit my website for some ideas of how I can help, or give me a call. Remember, I’m a social media geek! I just love it all, and have never-ending enthusiasm and ideas for everyone!