How to TRANSFORM your business with social media – Part 1

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Do you want to attract more customers? Silly question – of course you do! And you already know that social media is an essential part of your marketing strategy. But how confident are you at actually carrying it out effectively?

If you have been at any of my talks on Social Media Magic at a business event, or a workshop with me, you will remember that I took you through my Social Media Magic system – 9 simple steps to boosting your social media strategy and productivity and, in turn, your business success. Because we all love a good acronym (well, I do!), I used the word TRANSFORM:


T = Think

R = Relationships

A = Analyse

N = Need A Plan

S = Set It Up

F = Fresh, Fun information

O = Organisation

R = Roll It Out

M = Measure and Review


It’s time to put all my advice I gave in the talks into a series of blogs so I can be absolutely certain you have all the information you need. So here is the first one!

But if you don’t have the time to spend on social media business development, at least read on to find out what should be done so that you can outsource it. Then simply call or email us to ask for some magical Mushroom Soufflé social media support! Much simpler.


Tthink about your social media marketing before jumping in


Social Media Magic - Mushroom Souffle - a quirky, fun VW Beetle or a sleek, stylish MaseratiI’ll hazard a guess that your first question is, “But where do I start?” I totally understand … it looks like a jungle out there in social media land! I am also assuming that you have done the basic Marketing 101 for your business – who your target market is, your price point, location, and so on.

Holding those thoughts snuggly in mind, it’s time to start thinking about who you really are. And no, I don’t mean your purpose on this planet, or those deep and meaningful thoughts about the cosmos and the meaning of life! This ‘thinking exercise’ is more about the differences between chalk and cheese; a VW Beetle and a Maserati; Sainsbury’s and Robert Dyas; an oak tree and a rose. Cognac and vodka! I could go on…

It’s really important to figure out who you are, who you need to be connecting with, and who will be doing the work. Think about your immediate competitors and how they are perceived. Think about their branding, and the way they interact with their customers. Then apply those findings to your business and see how you differ, find your USP.

So, are you a fun, bubbly and quirky Beetle? Or does your business have Maserati aspirations – sleek, fast, stylish and oozing quality and money? Perhaps you’re a gentle rose, beautiful to look at, and everyone wants them displayed in vases in their homes! Or maybe you’re a strong, solid, plain talking and dependable oak tree, rooted firmly to the ground. Yeah, okay, we know oak trees can’t talk. But if they could, they would be plain talking. Trust me!


Three important points to consider:


  1. Who are you?

Think about how you want to be perceived by your customers – Maserati or oak tree? And from that, how you want your company portrayed on social media. To help you achieve this, answer the following questions designed to both help you find your communication style and discover who you really are:

  • What is your online brand?
  • How do you interact with your customers? What tone of voice (ToV) do you use, or would you like to use? Friendly and chatty, as I would imagine a VW Beetle would talk? Or more Maserati style, slick yet serious executive-speak? And yes, I know, I have a vivid imagination! Perhaps your ToV is warm, welcoming and encouraging questions. Knowing your target audience here is crucial to finding that ideal tone of voice that will attract them.
  • What kind of language do you use? Young and enthusiastic with a bit of street slang thrown in (but please, no swearing!), more serious and technical, or caring and concerned?

Once you have a clear idea of who you are, it is essential to be consistent throughout all your marketing activity, from your website and promotional material, right through to talking on the phone and communicating by email. This is all part of your branding, so consistency is crucial! If you think you’re an oak tree, be that. All the time. Everywhere!

Being clear on who you are makes it much easier to delegate your social media tasks when needed, whether to a team member or when outsourcing to a social media company – they will need to know all this information!


  1. Who do you need to be connecting with?

Look at your target market. Are there specific people and companies that would be a great asset to you? Social media doesn’t always have to attract customers. It’s also helpful for finding associates, collaborators or referrers. Or even for recruitment purposes. Get to know who you need to talk to and who you want to attract. So if you know that you’re a VW Beetle, you know you need to attract people who love driving fun cars with character. And you can ensure that your social media content is directed at them and hooking them in. Follow the people you need to connect with on social media, engage with them regularly, and get them to follow you back. Ultimately, the more you engage, the more followers and connections you have, then the more opportunities you have to convert them into paying customers.


  1. Will you be doing all the work?

Or would you rather spend your time running the business in other areas? If so, maybe you have an assistant or a team member to delegate your company’s social media activities to – your co-pilot! Or perhaps you would rather outsource to a professional social media company. Whoever will be doing the work, it is imperative that you have a clear idea of the answers to numbers 1 and 2 above, in order to write a clear and structured social media plan.


Next time…

The next blog post in the TRANSFORM series, part 2, will focus on Relationships – building them, engendering trust and creating credibility. But if you can’t wait for that and need to get your social media marketing working right now, please drop us an email on or give us a call on 07958 463689. Mushroom Soufflé will be delighted to show you how magical social media can be – used consistently and concisely, it really can transform your business!