How to TRANSFORM your business with social media – Part 2

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Welcome back! Here’s number two in our series of nine blogs that delves into the depths of social media for business development and puts it into bite sized chunks for you to easily get your teeth into.

Last time, I asked you to think about who you are. Or rather, who your business is, its target audience, and its communication approach. So the next stage is how to build relationships from your social media followers and turn them into valuable, returning customers.

Here’s a reminder of my TRANSFORM system:


T = Think

R = Relationships

A = Analyse

N = Need A Plan

S = Set It Up

F = Fresh, Fun information

O = Organisation

R = Roll It Out

M = Measure and Review


But if you don’t have the time to spend on social media business development, at least read on to find out what should be done so that you can outsource it. Then simply call or email us to ask for some magical Mushroom Soufflé social media support! Much simpler.


R – building relationships is crucial for attracting valuable customers

Social Media Magic - Mushroom Soufflé“How do you do that?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s actually fairly simple! Many people tend to think that social media is a dark art. Sadly there are a few social media companies who perpetuate that myth thinking that it will help them to gain more customers. But we’re here to put that myth firmly where it belongs – in the bin!

The best way to think about building relationships is to imagine that you’re about to get married. Or imagine you’re about to move in with your girl- or boy-friend if you have no intentions of marrying! You’ve met the prospective in-laws, and you know you need them to like you. But it’s a bit more than that… be honest and genuine, because you need them to trust you and believe in you, not just like you. And then there’s the extended family to get to know. It may all seem overwhelming at first (especially if you do it like I did and meet them all, at once, one weekend. Scared? I was petrified!), but it is so worth it in the end.


Share your knowledge

Building relationships on social media is much the same as it is in real life. It’s all about creating trust and credibility, and needs to be at the core of everything you do. Don’t try to hard sell – people see through that. Your in-laws definitely will! It doesn’t work, and your credibility may be damaged. Instead, provide advice, knowledge and support to your in-laws … err, I mean followers … for them to implement themselves. You may feel that this is giving away your services for free, but in the long term it has the opposite effect. You’re building trust; people appreciate the free information you’ve provided. So when they have a project or situation that needs a more professional input, who will they call? You!


Back scratching

Remember that old expression, “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”? It works in social media, too. So when you see your followers asking for advice or looking for items that your business can’t provide, share their questions with your community. Aim to help your followers just as you would do for your new family! If someone can provide a solution, they will thank you for passing on business, and the person you helped will be delighted that you shared their request, and will remember you in future – win:win!


Community spirit

So, you’ve built up your social media community based on who you recognised as being your target audience, and they’re following you back. Now think of your social media community as a virtual networking event – a really big one! Use it to share your exciting news and other great information. A bit like throwing a big party for your family when you have something to celebrate! Get the community involved, share, ask questions, and open up as many opportunities for communication as possible. And offer support! People – your in-laws! – love it when they feel supported, just as we also love that glowing feeling we get when we’ve done something good; when we’ve shared some information that we know people will find valuable. And, better still, you will be remembered for it! What better recommendation is that?


Think again

If you still feel that there are people out there that you need to be connecting with, have a read through our previous Think blog and do the activity again. Recognise who you should be targeting, get connected and keep building your social media community. It shouldn’t be a chore – think of it as fun! But if it really does seem like a chore to you, then get in touch with Mushroom Soufflé. We love it! We’ll get your social media followers engaged!


Next time…

Our next blog in the TRANSFORM series, part 3, will discuss the word Analyse. We will look into researching and analysing what your competitors are doing. But if you can’t wait for that and need to get your social media marketing working right now, please drop us an or give us a call on 07958 463689. Mushroom Soufflé will be delighted to show you how magical social media can be – used consistently and concisely, it really can transform your business!