How to TRANSFORM your business with social media – Part 5

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Mushroom Soufflé - Welcome to our business on social mediaHere we are again! It seems like just yesterday since we shared Part 4 of how to transform your business with social media. And now it’s sunny July (as I post this! Who knows with our fluctuating weather patterns), and we’re on to the next stage of the transformation. You’re currently still in chrysalis form – not too long before you emerge as a beautiful social media butterfly! But first you need to set up those essential social media accounts. And that’s what today’s blog post is all about … Set It Up!

Here’s a reminder of our TRANSFORM acronym:


T = Think

R = Relationships

A = Analyse

N = Need A Plan

S = Set It Up

F = Fresh, Fun information

O = Organisation

R = Roll It Out

M = Measure and Review


But if you don’t have the time to spend on social media business development, read on to find out what should be done so that you can outsource it. Then simply call or email us to ask for some magical Mushroom Soufflé social media support! Much simpler.

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S – set it up! Yep, now you’re ready to set your accounts up. Exciting!

Personally, I think that this stage is the start of the real fun. But then, I would, wouldn’t I?!

Think of this stage as like having a new house, money is no object and you can set it up just the way you want it. Browse those department stores of furniture and cushions, glasses and dinner services, sparkly things, functional things, pictures, ornaments, kitchen implements … everything that makes a home a home. But instead we’re making our ‘home’ pages, our profiles, on social media. And they need to reflect us. You. Your business!

So, where to start. It’s quite easy, so don’t worry. But if you’re at all cautious or concerned then some training may be helpful. You’re all savvy people, but it never hurts to get some training for that additional bit of confidence in knowing that what you’re doing is right. Even I still attend training sessions to keep up to date with the latest!


Set up your accounts

You’ve entered your chosen social media network, such as Twitter or Facebook. The first thing you’ll need to do before you can explore further (usually) is to set up your account. Think of your profile as the shop window into your business. Make it attractive – include your company logo, an interesting cover picture and welcoming words. A bit like having a ‘Welcome’ sign inviting people in!

  • LinkedIn – this is probably the most important social media platform that any business should be in. When you set up your profile, don’t necessarily obediently state your current employment position. Instead, use that section to include a hard hitting headline about your organisation. Then people will want to read the rest of your profile and engage with you!
  • Google+ – another important one, Google+ can help your website rise among the ranks when it has good content linked to it. Your profile can include business opening hours, a map pin to where your business is, contact information and more. Ensure it reflects your brand identity, then you can quickly grow your business network.
  • Twitter – brilliant for quick engagement which can lead to loyal customers, so make sure you include professionally photographed profile and cover pictures, and that your logo is visible. Then get following for them to follow you back!
  • Facebook – another excellent platform for both quick engagement and to showcase your products. Your Facebook profile should include links to your website, office/shop opening hours, addresses of where to find you, and so on. There are various categories to choose from when building your profile, such as ‘Local Business’, ‘Company, Organisation or Institution’, ‘Brand or Product’ or ‘Cause or Community’.
  • Instagram – a profile can be set up here virtually in seconds. This is a perfect platform to showcase your products.
  • Pinterest – another site where your profile can be quickly and easily set up and linked to your website. Create different boards of pictures for different product types.


Write a good bio

Having good, clear information on your profile is essential. After all, this is telling the world about what your business is all about. This is where you signpost them to your website, too. Depending on the social media platform you’re in, some will allow you more space than others. But keeping it short and succinct usually works best! Think of this as giving clear directions to your new home to friends and family … Yes, I know a postcode usually suffices for satnav users, but in our case it always sends our new visitors down the wrong road!

Your bio could include not only a brief explanation of the products or services you deliver, but also mention your business values and ethos. In Twitter, you will need to keep this very short. Use hashtags for your core services to be found more quickly; for instance, if you’re a jewellery designer, then use the hashtags #jewellery and #maker. Or if you work in healthcare as a therapist, use the hashtag #therapist and another for the specialist area you work in.

Be sure to fully complete your profile!


Use the best pictures and logos

I really shouldn’t need to say this, but I will. Because I’m bossy, as those of you who know me will attest to! I just want to make sure you do it right, because I care! It’s a bit like decorating your new home, but in clashing bright colours throughout – don’t do it! You want to attract visitors, entice them in, moth like to a flame. You want to dazzle them … but in the right way!

So be careful to choose your images carefully. A high quality logo is a must and use professionally taken pictures for your head shot. Please, no selfies of you in the pub or on the beach! That’s a definite no-no.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you a cover picture as well as a profile picture, perfect for showcasing your products or service. Or perhaps your team. If you’re a plumber, for instance, you could use a picture of your van; or of your shop window if you’re a local shop selling clothes, jewellery, crafts or whatever. Do remember to check that the pictures you use are of the appropriate size for the network, and of course that you have permission to use them if they’re not yours. You don’t want to breach someone’s copyright.

Then sit back and admire your new home – or rather, your new profiles – and get on with finding those valuable followers!


Need a reminder?

As we’re almost at the halfway point, you may want to quickly access the previous blog posts in the TRANSFORM series. Here they are:


T = Think

R = Relationships

A = Analyse

N = Need A Plan


Next time…

My next blog post in the TRANSFORM series, Part 6, is all about being fun, fresh and fabulous! We’ll discuss creating interesting content to keep people’s attention on you, quite rightly. But if you can’t wait for that and need to get your social media marketing working right now, please drop us an email to or give us a call on 07958 463689. Mushroom Soufflé will be delighted to show you how magical social media can be – used consistently and concisely, it really can transform your business!

Or sign up for our Social Media Summer School where you’re guaranteed to learn how to transform your business using social media. Yes, guaranteed! Click here for more information.