How to TRANSFORM your business with social media – Part 6

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Mushroom Soufflé social media contentTwo thirds of the way through the series, things start to get serious now. Seriously fun! Because today we’re going to focus on the serious subject of content. Fresh, fun, and fabulously informative content! That is what will keep your followers’ attention, keep them interested and get them engaging with you.

Here’s a reminder of our TRANSFORM acronym:


T = Think

R = Relationships

A = Analyse

N = Need A Plan

S = Set It Up

F = Fresh, Fun information

O = Organisation

R = Roll It Out

M = Measure and Review


But if you don’t have the time to spend on social media business development, read on to find out what should be done so that you can outsource it. Then simply call or email us to ask for some magical Mushroom Soufflé social media support! Much simpler.

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F – fresh, fun and informative! We’re talking about creating awesome social media content.

Don’t be scared! It’s not that hard. Below is some helpful, solid advice on how to get your creative juices flowing.

Having social media accounts and no content is a bit like having a powerful car with no access to fuel to drive it. Or like having a wardrobe with no shoes or handbags in it. A garden with no flowers. Or a shop with no products to sell! I could go on, but you get the idea.


Content is King!

I’ll bet my purple handbag that you’ve heard that phrase before – content is King! It’s as true here in social media land as it is in the more traditional marketing forums.

So initially, have a look at what material you already have. You may be surprised at how much glittery, sparkly new content you can create from your existing material before having to generate new stuff.

  • What’s currently on your website?
  • What blogs or news pieces do you already have on your website?
  • What marketing literature can you transform into blogs?
  • What about videos? They can be re-cycled too!


Professional help?

Work with what you’ve got and get help, if needed, to write fresh new content. If you don’t have either the skills or the time to create good, hard hitting and eye grabbing content – either from your existing material or to create fresh new information – then brief a copywriter to do that for you. You can almost always tell a professionally written blog post from one written by the company owner needing to crash something out quickly! Plus, copywriters are pretty savvy at scattering those crucial key words for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes throughout the content without it looking clunky or, worse still, list-like. That is no fun for the reader to read at all … and we’re all about fun here! Or at the very least informative and engaging, depending on your business sector. There are some business sectors that one needs to keep a serious tone for, but the content can still be fresh and engaging.


Make a Content Plan

“Oh no, Sarah!” I hear you cry. “Not another plan!” Yes, I’m afraid so. But you will thank me in the long term, for four reasons:

  1. It saves time to know what content you need to have produced and ready months ahead.
  2. If you use a scheduling tool, that will save you even more time during your busy periods.
  3. It really helps to see at a glance your content types mapped out over a three, six or twelve-month period.
  4. You can look back at your plan and see what was published previously, and then reuse and refresh some previous content, saving even more time!

The plan need be very simple. You just need a spreadsheet. Here at Mushroom Soufflé we have our ‘Tweet Sheet‘ and you can download it for free here. That’s it! Do combine it with your main marketing plan, though. We talked about that in a previous post – Need A Plan.


Content Types

You may be surprised at how many different types of content you can create. Much like men are generally quite surprised at how many different handbags or shoes a woman ‘needs’! But it’s so important – one needs variety, dontchaknow! It keeps everyone interested.

Content types include the obvious and the not so obvious:

  • Blogs – naturally! Probably the crème de la crème of social media content. Your blog subjects can only come from you – only you know your business – although there are websites out there that can help. Google is your friend! And brainstorm with colleagues to come up with ideas. Again, a copywriter will help if you’re too busy – simply give them a few bullet points of information to work from. Always have a CTA (Call To Action) at the end, and always have a link to your website. This is crucial! Ultimately all your social media activity should link to your website, or at least tell the reader to visit your shop, showroom, or wherever you want them to be.
  • Case Studies – write up success stories of customer interactions. Ideally positioned on your website, link to it with a teaser of information from your chosen social media platform. Just the first couple of lines and a picture, perhaps.
  • Videos – everyone loves to see a video these days, but keep them short, between one and three minutes. Write a script but don’t necessarily stick to it verbatim – be as natural as possible. It should be professionally filmed, ideally. You want to come across as friendly and approachable! You could be talking about your business, a new product, demonstrating a product, or doing a typical YouTube style ‘how to’ guide.
  • Infographics – I love these clever little bits of graphic that give some information about you, your product, your business, an event, a quiz… the subjects are endless! They’re excellent for posting in social media. Don’t forget the link to further information in your website! You may need a graphic designer to help you create a few that you can periodically recycle.
  • How To Guides – write a ‘how to’ guide and create an ebook, something like: “10 ways to…“ linking it to your products or service, letting your followers know how you can help them at the end.


Your content should usually be relevant to your business and to whatever’s going on in the real world at the time, with some exceptions. There are rules and ratios to help you figure out what content to use when. Like the Rule of Thirds, where it’s suggested that:

  • 1/3 of your updates are about your business and your content
  • 1/3 of your updates are for sharing others’ content, keeping it relevant
  • 1/3 of your updates are brand building exercises based on personal interactions


And then there’s the 4:1 Sharing System, where for every four standard shares, whether they be of images, infographics or whatever, you publish one of a different type for variety.

And finally…


Always link to your website!

All social media activity should ultimately link back to your website, helping to improve your Google rankings, and ultimately helping to increase your customers.

Have fun with your content, even if the subject matter needs a serious tone. Enjoy the process! But if you find it all too daunting and need some help, you know where to come…


Need a reminder?

As we’re at the halfway point, you may want to quickly access the previous blog posts in the TRANSFORM series. Here they are:


T = Think

R = Relationships

A = Analyse

N = Need A Plan

S = Set it up


Next time…

My next blog post in the TRANSFORM series, Part 7, will focus on Organisation where we talk about how to manage it all, and not letting it manage you! But if you can’t wait for that and need to get your social media marketing working right now, please drop us an email to or give us a call on 07958 463689. Mushroom Soufflé will be delighted to show you how magical social media can be – used consistently and concisely, it really can transform your business!

Or sign up for our Social Media Summer School, where you’re guaranteed to learn how to transform your business using social media. Yes, guaranteed! Click here for more information.