Top Takeaways from LinkedIn

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****Top Takeaways from my LinkedIn Talk****

This isn’t from me, it is from the ConnectingDoorz gang when I visited them in February…(I’ve stolen it from Cathy’s SMILE newsletter 😝)

👉 All Star Profileslinkedin

Put some time aside to make sure your LinkedIn profile is engaging, says what you do and has some key words in it for Google to search and find you. Make sure you add all the elements to your profile so that you get an ‘All Star’ rating. To do this make sure you have included your locations, an up-to-date position, a description of what you do, your education, 3 skills, a photo and at least 50 connections.

👉 Reconnecting

LinkedIn is a great platform to reconnect with people you have lost touch with to see what they’re doing no and let them know what your doing. Use LinkedIn to search for people form your past.

👉 Increase your knowledge

There is lots of knowledge that can be gained from LinkedIn. Follow groups and conversations within the groups that are relevant to you and interest you. Engage with the members of the groups and use them to let people know you’re there and to contribute you own thoughts, experiences and knowledge to elevate your credibility and increase your profile

👉 Online backs up your offline activities!

If you are an active business networker then LinkedIn is a great way of continuing to build relationships. Find those you network with and invite then to connect. This way you can stay in touch with them and engage in discussions with them between face to face meetings. But just like F2F networking don’t use LinkedIn to try and sell to others.

👉 Keep at it!

Be consistent in your activities. Writing articles, posting and sharing those of others is better when you do it regularly rather than being random and sporadic.


And lovely words from Lisa Benson – thank you 😊

“Sarah’s insights into how to leverage maximum impact from LinkedIn has been so useful to my business. I re-looked at my profile following her talk and made changes in line with her suggestions. The result, I’ve grown my network by over 10% and made some really powerful connections.”

Lisa Benson, B Engaging Marketing Communications


How can you take their learning and apply it to your LinkedIn and biz?