7 things to decide BEFORE starting your Facebook Group

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Facebook Group

7 things you must decide BEFORE starting your Facebook Group


You’ve decided it’s time!

The Facebook Group that you’ve been thinking about for a while is going to happen.

It’s easy, right?

You just set one up and add a load of people to it?

Weeelllllll….it takes a bit more thought than that.

1. Exactly what is the aim of your Group and who do you want in it? Adding people who have no interest in the Group topic is not going to generate that all important interaction. Quality not quantity.

2. What are the rules of the Group? How will you deal with bad behaviour from members e.g. trolling, rudeness, etc?

I know of one group that encourages clashes of personalities and outspokenness, there can be some seriously heated debates on there, but I have no tolerance for rudeness. It’s going to be your personal preference.

3. Is spamming allowed? By this I mean everyone advertising their wares. I hate it, it kills group interaction. There’s nothing worse than looking at a deadline timeline of links because everyone tunes out.

4. Know your complaints procedure, don’t wait for someone to complain before you make it up on the spot.

There will the odd person who has a genuine complaint, deal with them professionally, show them (and everyone else reading the post) you care and want to sort it out.

Do not delete these posts – they will make you look like you have something to hide.

Do not ignore these posts, people will see you are not responding.

5. How will you onboard new people into the Group? By this I mean the welcome they get, the information they read so they understand how it works.

6. How often are you going to post? Twice a week is not going to build a thriving community. Be committed to showing up EVERY DAY!

7. The above answer will tell you how much content you need to create in advance so you aren’t caught panicking – have two weeks ready to be scheduled because there’s a lot of learning that happens in that first two weeks.

Have you already got a Facebook group? Got any tips from your experience?