How Hackable are You?

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20 minutes is all it could take!

It’s scary what can happen if hackers decide they are going to target YOU.

Recently I was at a talk on Cyber Security by Barclays in Oxford. Joseph from Barclays was goooood.

Hackers can find you and pull all your info by searching your social media, using and Wikipedia.

To ram home the evilness of what can happen, Joe decided to stalk a gentleman called Barry before the talk. He’d never met Barry before, only spoken to him on the phone to arrange this talk.

Within 10 minutes he had:

Ø Email

Ø Employer

Ø Pictures

Ø Hobbies

Ø Wedding anniversary


Holy Moly!


Interestingly – he found out more from Barry’s wife’s Facebook than his!

What could be this information be used for?

Heard of Spear Fishing? It’s when hackers target a particular person in an organisation. They set out to send a very personalised email from a seemingly genuine email address. Attached is a virus/ransomware that gains access to his computer system. They want the target to believe it, trust it, and open the attachment.

Joe got to work and searched a bit more.

Less than 20 minutes after he started, Joe had discovered his angle! A case study on Barry’s company website talked about a particular client Barry worked with a couple of years ago. He wrote a Spear Fishing email that was insanely believable and would prompt you to open and respond.

Everyone was a little gobsmacked at how quick this could happen – glad Joe is on our side and not a true hacker

Lock your Facebook privacy settings down!

Facebook is a goldmine of information for hackers.

Think twice about what you share, and what others share about you.

Are you off to check?