The Elixir of Productivity

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The magical remedy that will make me achieve 10x more every day.

“What apps do you use?”p

Haha! I’m so guilty of asking this question too!

I discovered a cool article through my mentor’s group  and this makes so much sense!

It seems it comes down to the 3 Tiers of Productivity…

  1. Fundamentals

Your environment, your sleep, and knowing what you’re going to work on every morning. Everybody ignores these because they’re not sexy. But if you don’t get these right, nothing else matters.

  1. Psychology

Like the ability to set boundaries, handle setbacks, and be positive and resilient.

  1. Details

The things like “Which app do you use?” Everybody wastes their time focusing on this stuff.

It is simple and cuts through the bullshit, I love it.


Read the article and tell me what you agree or disagree with.