Show me your faces

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Show me your…

FACES! Show me your faces


I’ve been working on Social Media Snapshots today for a couple of new clients.

What is one of those?

It’s a full assessment of a business’s social media networks. All the activity, the profiles, the content, everything. Shows me all the areas for improvements, what’s good, what is being missed, what is grabbing attention. It’s like an instant shot of adrenaline for your social media.

You know what I keep coming across?

No faces!


👉If you go networking… 👉If you are the team member that deals with your customers… 👉If you provide the service or make the product 👉If people need to trust you so they feel safe investing their time, money and faith in you…

I wanna see your face and those of your team!

Ditch those crap stock images. Products on their own are boring. A picture of an empty room means nada

It’s a proven fact that we create an emotional attachment to a face before a logo.

It creates instant recognition and builds rapport without you even realizing.

Business is all about PEOPLE.

Do we know what you look like?

Drop me a pic below 🔽🔽🔽 P.S. this was at #BIO2018 last week. Stopped to chat to CRS and next thing we have my Twitter up on the big screen – I have a big head! It certainly attracted attention 😉