Events & Workshops


#JFDI Powwow @ Hampden House
Jul 24 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

You can get social and get shit done for your business.

Got work you need to get done that focuses ON your biz, but it never happens in your office or at home? Distractions! (my 4 cats for instance, the washing, random callers at the door).

Changing location gets rid of those distractions.

Get ‘in the zone’ because everyone around you is focused too.

You get out of the house (no more cabin fever) and meet with cool people who need to do the same as you!

AND you can eat cake (’nuff said).

Chat and Achieve, Natter and Nail It, Smile and Smash It. However you want to put it – #JFDI with us!


Wednesday 2nd May 2018

9.30am to 10am – chat, eat cake, and make new biz friends
10am to 12pm – JFDI. Do all the things!
12 – 12.30pm – keep doing or indulge in more chatting

Chalgrove, Oxfordshire – our venue is sponsored by Jennings – we love them!

Book in 24 hours beforehand at the latest so we can make sure there’s enough cake for all.

(let us know if you’re gluten free – you can be in my gang!)


“56 Facebook posts designed and written and put onto the calendar for the next 5 weeks. 29 of them already uploaded and scheduled on Facebook just sitting there waiting to join the world. I think that counts as getting shit done! Thanks Sarah Fletcher for arranging it. I wouldn’t have got anywhere near as much done or been inspired to carry on this afternoon if I hadn’t come along to the session. Being with others without normal office distractions makes a big difference and the cake helped a lot as well!”
Janice Morrison, Thames Training

“LinkedIn LinkedIn LinkedIn. I sorted out so much stuff on LinkedIn, and prepared a whole bunch of Hemingway perfect messages all ready for me to send out. AND I ATE HALF THE VICTORIA SPONGE!”
Mel Cunningham, I Am My Change

“Will be coming to a future date – I got so much done last week. New blog post, several Facebook posts made in Canva, new stock images found, some scheduling complete (finished it this morning!), cake eaten, networking shizzled (?!?!) – rarely am I so productive – The Get Sh!t Done gang rock! Looking forward to #JFDI already! Thanks Sarah.”
Fiona Joines Training & Consultancy

The Social Media Content Mastermind Day @ Garsington Village Hall
Sep 26 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm


Are you spinning around on your office chair or gazing out of the window waiting for inspiration to strike?

Or have you given up and started answering emails or scrolling through Facebook because it’s easier?

The joys of coming up with new ideas to share in your blogs and across your Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Your community grows because they want to hear what you have to say because you’re the expert in your industry and have bucket loads of wisdom and experience to share.

Building this community makes it your responsibility to bring them high value by sharing that wisdom and experience with them.

Without it, they’ll go and find what they need elsewhere. With your competition probably.

Having awesome social media content is the only way to attract, engage and keep your social media community.


“But I don’t know what to say”


“It takes so long”


“I’m not really sure how to create it”


“My mind just goes blank”


If this is you, then jump over here to find out more!