Monthly Social Media Coaching

Mushroom Souffle Social Media CoachingMonthly Social Media Coaching is designed to give you focus, understanding, direction and ongoing support to build the expert online presence your business and dedicated community deserve.

Sarah is here to be your social media brain, transfer as much of it as possible to you, and walk next to you on your social media journey.

Right now you could be finding your social media hard going…

 It takes ages to get anything done
 You don’t have a plan – everyday is just see what happens
 Your brain goes blank with thinking of good stuff to share
 The list of questions you have is getting longer and there’s no one to answer them
 The best way to describe your activity is sporadic

Imagine having someone to turn to every month, getting those answers, and removing those issues holding you back.


 You’re confident in using your social media profiles, so it works so much quicker!
 There’s a plan in place and you have clarity and direction
 The cool content you want to share flows much easier
 Consistency has become your middle name, which is boosting your community and engagement, and in the long run…results!

Be privately mentored by Sarah Fletcher over the phone or Skype, plus email support in between to make sure those pesky questions and blocks get answered!

You will:

  • Make social media work for your business through a detailed strategy
  • Take consistent action and put what you learn, brainstorm, and design into practice to access your ideal customer
  • Be held accountable and motivated with consistent guidance and support on your social media journey
  • Have full access to Sarah’s own templates, methods, tools and processes

This programme will give you the direction, momentum and structure you need, but you will need to be dedicated and have time to work on it.

Sarah will expertly guide you through the confusion, pitfalls and time wasting activities of social media so you can take the online world by storm!

Sound good? Ready to move forwards and find out more?

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