Social Media is super powerful in business.

90% of customers research a business online before using it.
88% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Social media can grow your business. Because not only is it cool and fun, but it’s powerful in B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. When done right it opens up more opportunities for your business.

Used effectively, social media is about staying visible and close to your customers. Interacting with them, helping them, and making them feel valuable and involved. Social media can make you stand out from the crowd, showing customers why they should stick with you and no one else. It encourages brand loyalty, increases the buzz and noise surrounding your business, and engages customers in the conversation.

As a business owner or professional you’re probably groaning at the thought of social media strategies, or what hashtags are right for your business.

It’s true, social media is demanding! But it’s important to know exactly what you are doing, engage with your target audience and get to know your community. Consistent, deliberate and confident engagement in all social media networks increases brand awareness and, ultimately, your returns.

There’s only one thing worse than not doing social media for business at all, and that’s doing it badly! Your social media presence is your shop front to the world. It needs a dynamic strategy, awesome content and efficient, effective implementation to have impact and generate the results that your business deserves.

Mushroom Soufflé are here to help you with all things social media – creating strategic marketing campaigns, brainstorming ideas, training and mentoring to show you exactly how we do it. Don’t waste time trying to work it all out, save yourself a headache and let us show you the way.

Business Authors and Owners…discover the best solution for you.

It is vital we find the best social media training and mentoring solution for you. Which will bring the most value? A one-to-one programme tailored specifically to your business goals, requirements and way of learning and absorbing knowledge? A 12 week mastermind? Or an online training course that you can work through at your own speed?

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