10 Quick Time Saving Tips for 2011

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Take a look at our 10 Quick Time Saving Tips for 2011 – enjoy!

1. Focus – hold shorter, more focused meetings – have an agenda and stick to it.

2. Email management – delete more emails, unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters (not ours) and create rules to reduce the traffic in your Inbox. Automatically delete any emails more than one month old (they will be in deleted items if you need them, but check your settings first!).

3. Work smarter – minimise travel, work remotely more often using phone, cloud computing and Skype.

4. Details – don’t write proposals until you have confirmed exactly what the client needs and their budget.

5. Assess – drop difficult, demanding, unappreciative clients.

6. Delegate – get someone else (a virtual assistant?) to do things that are not getting done now e.g. admin, arranging appointments, website additions, planning projects, compiling case studies, filing, making travel arrangements, etc.

7. Prioritise – List down all the work you have to do and place them in the order, the most important ones at the top and least at the bottom of the list. This will save you lot of time.

8. Don’t procrastinate – give yourself a time limit to make decisions.

9. Backup – have your computer or laptop completely mirrored onto another, so that you lose no time if it crashes or slows down.

10. Say no – to all forms of energy-drainers: whether fatty foods, critical people, complainers, poor lighting, inadequate space or an untidy environment.

What will you be doing this year to make your life easier?