A little rant about business cards!

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Your business card is important for your company image. At a networking event it is what potential clients and associates have to remember you by (apart from your sparkling conversation) so the freebie option from Vistaprint isn’t generally the best choice.

But what a lot of people don’t seem to consider when designing them is what will happen to them after they leave you. Hopefully the dedicated networker and marketer will put them into a database. Those who don’t want to do it themselves outsource, so who gets them? That’s right – us Virtual Assistants! As a result I have seen A LOT of business cards and it’s amazing how you start to judge people on them.

This is when we start to appreciate the good from the bad. Here is how I feel when entering a stack of business cards into a database:

  1. I spend all day staring at my laptop anyway but here’s a good idea – make the font so small that I have to squint to read it. Ruin my eyesight (and it’s already bad!) a little bit more.
  2. Don’t put all the contact information we require on the same side, make us keep having to turn it over and therefore slow down our input rate – we love that!
  3. Use lovely curly fancy font, why would you want anyone to be able to read it at a glance? Honestly there is nothing wrong with a standard sensible font (although I do detest Times New Roman and Ariel) for the important details.
  4. Don’t spend money or time on your cards – go straight to Vistaprint and use one of their standard logos on their standard card for free in boring colours. Really gives a quality impression.
  5. Make us guess what you do. Why explain when your company name is “Sarah Fletcher Associates” and gives no hint what so ever to your industry. We’ve got loads of time to go to your website to find out.
  6. Put a photo of you on it, but not a professionally taken one. Maybe that one from your holiday last summer where you have sunglasses on and a sunburnt nose will look good?
  7. Leave the back of the card blank – why use it for further communication with potential clients and associates? That would just be silly!
  8. Your email address…a hotmail, yahoo or gmail address is not a professional look…it is very simple to buy a domain name and setup the email. Please take the time to do it!

Give it some serious thought when designing your business card, it is a critical part of your brand and something that could cost you a sale or a very important contact. Consider what you need it to say about you as you never know who is going to see them and if they will have a want for your service. And while you are doing that, I’m off to SpecSavers for an eyetest!