Keep the motivation and inspiration going!

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Staying motivated and finding inspiration should be a priority for business owners otherwise how do we keep going? How do we continue to develop our services and products and create our vision for the future?phd-events

It is really easy for everyday life to become very mundane without us even noticing. The little things take over. We are constantly busy. We forget to look for the excitement, the things that make us fizz and spark.

This filters down in the things that we do, our customer service can become standard, our social media content doesn’t capture our audience’s attention, our strategy isn’t as dynamic as it could be. We need to maintain our enthusiasm and passion for what we do.

So how do we stop this happening? PLAN IT! Find the things that feed us, make us smile, laugh and bubble.

The last two weeks have been super inspiring and motivational and have included totally different environments.

As many of you know I’m a dance junkie and take street dance classes with Urban Strides which always involves lots of laughing, fun, great music and insane people. It is such a good environmentto be in to relax and forget about work (if I don’t concentrate on dancing, chances are I will fall flat on my face!) but sometimes it just isn’t enough … I need more of a fix, especially when amazing opportunities come along!

Elite Force Crew
from New York are among the pioneers of Hip Hop and they have been here in the UK for the last couple of weeks. I was lucky enough to spend time with them over four days starting with a masterclass with Brooklyn Terry (hosted by my beloved Urban Strides) in High Wycombe and followed by a dedicated 3 day event with EFC at Brunel University in Uxbridge. There were discussion panels, dance workshops (six hours of dancing on the Saturday people…yes, SIX!), understanding more of the hip hop culture and history and meeting other people who love it too (they are generally better dancers than I am though). Just being around them, hearing what they have experienced, understanding the impact they have had across a whole culture and seeing them dance (WOW!) certainly blew open my imagination and ways of looking at things.

So that was quite cool (understatement!!).

time-to-shineThen on a completely different track and into my business head was Alexandra Watson’s Time to Shine conference in London. Oh my god, I have a rather long yet awesome to-do list and lots of ideas buzzing and zooming around. New connections with fabulous business women were made and reconnected with many equally fabulous women that I already knew.

Great speakers, inspirational business achievements and fun on the stage talking about the work I have done with Alex. I came home with two key lessons –

>>> make sure my processes are in place
>>> procrastination and resistance are OUT – there are no excuses – just do it, you have to show up in life to make a difference

Oh and there is another message that I think we sometimes forget … keep learning so you keep growing, and make sure you learn from the best.

What shall I do next?!