The Ups and Downs of a New Laptop … and Windows 8!

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Yes, my laptop decided to keel over in the middle of a working day! new-laptop

I knew it was on its way out for a while (it has worked very hard for the last 4 years) but I think it caught a virus that finally made it fall over for good. Naturally there is no rest for the wicked so I researched a new one, reserved it online and shot off to the shops to collect it.

My last couple of laptops have been Acers and they have been great. But I decided HP was the way to go and I’ve been dying for one with a touchscreen 🙂

The one thing I was not looking forward to was Windows 8. I’ve used it on clients’ laptops and have been avoiding getting it myself but sometimes you just can’t hold out any longer.

Sometimes change can be hard, especially when it is our trusty laptop that we have setup exactly how we like it. So after setting it up, how am I feeling about it?

The Pros

  • I am loving the touchscreen, it’s awesome! It’s just a way of life now between my iPad and iPhone so having it on my laptop too just feels natural.
  •  Upgrading to Office 2013 has been nice. I’ve always liked the new Office products and finding out what more I can do with them.
  • This may sound strange – there is something about the keyboard that really suits my fingers.  I’m sure I type even faster on this one than the old one!!
  • Decent battery life! My last laptop’s battery gave out a long time ago and wouldn’t hold a charge, even getting a new one didn’t really help so I was always plugged into the mains. Having a laptop that can do a decent chunk of time cable free has given me a whole new sense of freedom.

The Cons

  • No matter how hard I try I am not loving Windows 8 in the slightest! It is just annoying me and I’m not finding it friendly. Anyone else out there struggling too or do you like it?
  • The trackpad is clunky, right click won’t work regardless of what I do to the settings (if anyone has any tips for this do let me know). Luckily the touchscreen makes this less important and I use a proper mouse anyway due to the delights of RSI.
  • There are a couple of small functionality issues with using the touchscreen that I have to revert back to the mouse for.

Overall the change has been GOOD!

I just ignore the Windows 8 apps and spend all my time in the desktop. I’ve realised I do all my work in my web browser and it is quicker for me to stick to this method.

It has made me assess how I work and the systems I use, thankfully I got rid of Outlook a few years back otherwise I might have had trouble with my email if not fully backed up.

It would seem that our system of working with Google Drive and Dropbox really works for us. There were a few documents I had to transfer over from the old laptop but the majority of it was online and available wherever I need it. Yes, I know many people are not keen on the amount of information Google knows about us these days but I don’t care. Do you know how amazing it was to have all my bookmarks (and there are a lot) appear in Chrome as soon as I logged in? BLISS!

Check your laptop, your systems and your backup as a priority – what would you do if your computer died today?