3 SUPER Dos and Don’ts for Social Media for Business

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I know that YOU are not the Small Business Owner in this conversation:

Sarah Fletcher:
I’d love to know how you are using Social Media for your Business?

Small Business Owner:
I have a LinkedIn profile, but I’m not sure how LinkedIn works. I do connect with people though.

Excellent – so you request people to connect with you who you have met out networking or through business introductions, your clients and suppliers?

No, but I do accept requests that I receive. And I have a Twitter account but its not working.

Can you explain to me what ‘not working’ means?

I’m not getting many followers and haven’t got any new customers.

Tell me how you are using Twitter.

I must admit, I don’t really get it, but I’ve tweeted some links to our website and given a couple of hints and tips. I don’t have time to look at it because it takes so long.

What are your goals that you want to achieve with Social Media?

I want more sales.

Have you developed a strategy to make this happen?

No, I don’t have a strategy. I don’t have time to make one and I’m not really sure that Social Media is going to help my business.


This is a condensed and generalised version of the conversation that I have had with many small business owners over the last few years and it makes me sad and incredibly frustrated.

Lack of knowledge, positivity, motivation and focus is a nightmare for you, I want to move you past this No Man’s Land which many people seem to get stuck in when initially attempting Social Media in their business. Here are my…

3 SUPER Dos and Don’ts for

Social Media for Business

gold-star-icon-big    Do carry out in-depth research, get advice and make sure you have the understanding you need before introducing Social Media into your business. Know exactly why you are using it and what it can potentially achieve for your business.

Gold StarDo be positive about it. Dedicate time and set it up for success not failure. Expecting something not to work means…yep, it won’t work!

Gold StarDo PLAN PLAN PLAN! Set goals, know your topics, create great content and schedule in advance. It will make your life sooooo much easier. Quick fact – there is no chance of it working without THE PLAN.

Gold StarDon’t expect it to happen overnight – there are no quickfixes or surefire ways to making your millions. It takes time, effort and planning as does everything worthwhile having in life.

Gold StarDon’t forget to ask for help if you need it. You can’t be the expert in everything, and as a small business owner I know you have a lot to do!

Gold StarDon’t waste time in faffing about. Half hearted measures don’t pay off. If you make that decision to integrate Social Media into your marketing strategy then COMMIT and get cracking!

Your time is precious. Why waste it? Be focused, decisive and committed in everything you do in your business. Take your Social Media seriously, take control and run with it, making sure it represents you and your business to the best it can.