Danger! Everyone’s an expert!

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The best analogy I’ve got for this is football related. No, I’m not a fan, but it’s where I see it all the time. There’s a football match on, people are screaming at the TV…

“Ref! What are you thinking?”

“No! Don’t take him off!”

“Idiots, they should put Rooney on, he’d have nailed that!”

“How did he miss that? Is he blind!”

“What he should have done is….”

All of a sudden everyone is a better manager, or coach, or referee than those who have trained for the job. A lot of time apparently they are better players too!

This doesn’t just exist in the world of football, it is everywhere.

People giving advice on subjects they know very little about. Thinking that because they watched a programme or dabble in it means they can share their newly acquired knowledge with the air of authority.

You know what…it’s dangerous! Taking advice from the wrong people can bite you in nasty places. I know, I’ve done it!

Then I see it spilling into the world of Social Media. These are familiar comments…

“Thanks Sarah, my teenage son loves all that social media stuff and he’s on school holidays at the moment, I’ll get him to teach me LinkedIn.”

“My friend is on Twitter, she says she’ll set up an account for me.”

“The wife will work it out.”

What this tells me is the business owner isn’t taking their business seriously. What do they know about research, planning, strategy and the best tools to use? And there’s the small issue of if you do it wrong then everyone can see it.

For a successful business, choose your team wisely. Have people around you that you know are best placed to support you and your business. Those that genuinely have the expertise to advise you on that chosen subject. Who have taken the time to understand your business and you. Who will give tailored advice, taking in account your particular circumstances. An individual or company that specialise in providing that service all day everyday and have trained in it.

You wouldn’t ask for tax advice from a hairdresser, and I’m guessing you wouldn’t ask your accountant to cut your hair.