Free Social Media for Business Workshops in Oxfordshire!

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Free Social Media for Business workshops…yes, you heard right! FREE!free-social-media-for-business-workshops

Earlier this year I was introduced to Activate Learning by the lovely Joy Foster of Made With Joy. It turned out that they wanted to bid for a tender with Oxfordshire County Council and needed a social media trainer to complete the team. Tell me more I said!

The ‘Better Broadband for Oxfordshire’ project has been awarded Government money to fund workshops in market towns throughout the county.

The Women and Broadband Challenge Fund run by the Government Equalities Office, aims to promote digital skills and build confidence among women wishing to start-up and grow their own business, including those based at home.

Oxfordshire County Council were planning to run 40 workshops across the county, some focused on small businesses run by women and some aimed at women who are looking to update their skills for personal development or as a part of a plan to develop a new career or refresh skills before returning to work.

WOW, that sounds great, I’m in! How can you turn down an opportunity to work with and help so many women?

After a few months of paperwork and planning, at the beginning of September we were very happy to hear we had been allocated a number of workshops in the project.

My workshops and dates are now confirmed. I am delivering nine Social media for Business workshops and the details are below, just click the links for all the info you need. The workshops are complimentary so claim your places quickly ladies – they start very soon! All you have to do is book in and bring your laptop:

An Introduction to Social Media for Business
20/10/2015 – Bicester
22/10/2015 – Abingdon
03/11/2015 – Ardington, near Wantage
05/11/2015 – Witney

An Introduction to Facebook for Business
10/11/2015 – Abingdon

An Introduction to Instagram & Pinterest for Business
11/11/2015 – Ardington, near Wantage

An Introduction to Twitter for Business
24/11/2015 – Bicester

An Introduction to Google+ for Business
26/11/2015 – Witney

A Masterclass in LinkedIn for Business
19/01/2016 – Bicester

It’s encouraging to see this service made available to the wonderful women of Oxfordshire and an honour to be part of it. Looking forward to seeing you at the workshops!