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Twitter for Business ebook by Darah Fletcher Mushroom SouffleNothing like a free Twitter ebook to help you up your Twitter game!

The possibilities that you can achieve with Twitter for your small business are endless. From making new contacts, discovering new information, having instant access to breaking news, communities using it to pull together over an unfortunate occurrence, to increasing your website traffic, connecting with business gurus and their nuggets of wisdom and, of course, marketing your business through building relationships.

The Twittersphere is a super busy place though, there is lots of white noise for your clients to fight through to find you, so you have to help them…

Small Business Owners…it is time to ‘Create Cool Tweets for Business’ and stand out from the crowd. It will open up a whole new world for you (no tweeting about having a cuppa or what you’ve had for lunch).

Great content is KING! If you’re not sharing it, you will not reap the rewards Twitter has in store for you.

After reading this ebook there is no excuse but to get tweeting!

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