Entrepreneurs should be waving not drowning!

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Entrepreneurs in business - Mushroom Souffle blogIt’s probably true to say, most businesses are launched by entrepreneurs, which is all well and good. However, it’s also a fact that entrepreneurs often think differently from other people and sometimes (frequently?) our thoughts don’t run along logical lines. This is, of course, the lifeblood of inspirational business ideas. But too many bright ideas, given their head, without a certain amount of pragmatism, doesn’t create a sound business structure. It’s an issue, over which the entrepreneurial often come unstuck, and trust me, I speak from personal experience (scars and tee-shirt!).

In a successful business, the person with the ability to keep two feet on the ground, a firm finger on the financial pulse and an eagle eye on day-to-day operation, is as invaluable as the bright-ideas generator. Which is why a successful entrepreneur, can often find they’ve created, and are hanging on to, a tiger by the tail – a tiger growing by the minute and raring to rush in all directions, teeth bared. Can you put it down? What do you think?  

What’s been created is a massive mushroom on one thin stalk and that one thin stalk is the entrepreneur. An entrepreneur who then finds themselves running all the different aspects of the business, some of them not at all well. Sound familiar in any way? But by this stage, you’re probably so busy keeping a head above water that there’s no time to put in place the support that’s needed.   

You’re fine as long as you are waving, but there will, inevitably, come a moment when that wave suddenly becomes something altogether more frantic. Pre-empt that moment or, if you’ve already gone past it, stop, acknowledge and do something about it:


Help with Figures:

  • If you know you’re not good with figures, find someone who is. They’ll be able to take a look and tell you where you’re going right, where you’re going wrong, whether you need to make changes and how to make them. You’ll at least then know you’re proceeding in the right direction, rather than wondering whether you’re running around in ever decreasing circles.   


Creative Stuff:

  • If you know, when it comes to putting together your marketing material, you can stare at a blank screen and come away at the end of the day with only a splitting headache to show for it, then stop it. Find someone for whom putting together marketing material is a walk in the park.


Filling Gaps:

  • Some of us are great on day to day stuff, others good at planning ahead. Some of us are brilliant at implementing things with drop dead efficiency, whilst others are choc a bloc full of ideas – just a bit vague and disorganised when it actually comes to putting any of them into action.
  • Take a good hard look at yourself and your skills. Decide what you’re good at and what you’re not. If you’re rotten at paperwork, find a VA who’s never met a mess she couldn’t sort. If you loathe making cold calls, find someone who won’t throw herself on the floor sobbing every time she doesn’t get a favourable response.




This is a guest blog by Marilyn Messik of Create Communication – Copywriter Extraordinaire!