Free stock images for social media? Yes please!

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Mushroom SOuffle free-stock-images-for-social-mediaLack of free stock images for social media are something that held me back in my social media for a while a few years ago. I used to use one of the online stock image libraries and pay for them, but that is not needed anymore!

When you are creating awesome content for your social media campaigns, you need to have fabulous social media images. I know it’s tempting to just steal them from Google Images, but, apart from being against copyright law, it will look so much better if you make your own, with your branding. That way, when they are shared by others, your branding travels further.

I remember being very stuck on how to create them, I didn’t know what to use and I’m certainly no graphic designer with Photoshop. And then I discovered some handy tools to help. So I’m going to share them with you now…


Websites to create your social media images in

Free to use websites where you can design your own branded social media images using free stock images or your own photos.

Canva – my favourite tool ever! It has loads of free stuff to create images – fonts, colours, images, shapes, borders, you name it, Canva has got it. There is the free option which is wonderful, but I now use the paid for business version which has my corporate branding saved, the ability to have client folders, and more.

Adobe Spark – great for three types of content – social media posts and graphics, web stories, and animated videos.


Free stock images for social media

Having and using your own photos is always the preferable choice, as it means you are unique. But that is not always possible to have the exact ones available to reflect your topics, so stock images are your alternatives. I will repeat what I said above – don’t borrow from Google Images, copyright could come and get ya!

Search these websites for a wide selection of completely free stock images:






ISO Republic


Negative Space



Negative Space

Death to the Stock Photo

Life of Pix


Have fun and get creative! Looking forward to seeing your awesome content.

Whenever we find another source of free stick images, we will make sure we update this blog. Let me know if you have any you can recommend to go here.


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