Social media training? Nah, we’ll just wing it!

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Mushroom Soufflé social-media-training“We’ll work it out, we don’t need social media training.”

“Gill in accounts has a Twitter account, we’ll see what she can do.”

‘I’ll get my son to show us when he comes back from college. He’s good at all that sort of stuff.”

All phrases I have heard before from companies who have decided that social media training is a luxury.

What does this tell you? What it tells me is that some companies are not taking this global portal that showcases their business to the world seriously.

Let me set the scene…


James is the Marketing Executive at a small business specialising in employee engagement in Oxford. He has a degree in Marketing, but has never focused on social media in a business capacity. His Directors decide it is time to take advantage of social media because all of their competitors are, so they are being left behind in the industry.


The Directors inform James that the social media is now part of his job role. James isn’t sure that he can do it, he only uses Facebook for personal use. and has never used LinkedIn or Twitter, let alone Google+. When he explains this to his Directors, they say they understand, but they don’t have any experience with social media at all. Do some research on the internet and see what can be done.


Can you see what it wrong with this?

The business is about to extend its marketing reach without a plan or direction from those in the driving seat. Ignorance of social media for business is no excuse in this setting. The Directors need an understanding of it so they can integrate it into their business and marketing strategy. They need to be able to provide James with instructions and guidance so their new social media strategy can reinforce their business growth strategy.

James needs social media training and mentoring support to make sure he can do what is required of him. Leaving him to his own devices can result in him feeling quite stressed as he tries to get to grips with it on his own, whilst knowing that results are going to be expected. When no results are forthcoming, the Directors WILL be asking questions. But it won’t be James’ fault when there aren’t any.

So what could they do to avoid this? The last thing any business wants to do is waste time and resources, and potentially lose an employee.


Social media training and mentoring to the rescue!

Mushroom Soufflé - Social Media TrainingThe ideal way to proceed would be to find a social media expert (with the right credentials, that they trust, and who takes time to understand their business) to spend time with the Directors initially. Discuss with them what their goals are, and give them the information and knowledge they need to be able to understand the scope that social media can bring to their business and how it would work.

After that, arrange for James to have time with that expert to give him social media training and mentoring to do the job to the highest standard he can:

  • identifying the social media channels that will be the most suitable for them
  • designing a strategy and content targeted to their ideal customer and the business goals
  • hands-on, practical training on the chosen social media networks
  • methods and processes to ensure a slick operation
  • time saving skills, techniques and tools

Social media should be integrated into a business with the same gravity and research that you would use for a new IT system. Take the time to plan it, and ensure your employee(s) have the skills, knowledge and support they need to do it effectively on your behalf.

Need help? This is Sarah’s passion! Providing tailored solutions for social media training and mentoring, just contact us through the website, email, or call 07958 463689.

P.S. None of the names or companies in this blog are real!