The 3 Social Media Musts of Christmas

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Mushroom Souffle - Social Media MustsHas festive madness kicked in with you yet? Amazing how the diary fills up so quickly with planning, shopping, family and friends, and parties!

In amongst the craziness we must not lose sight of our businesses. Many people relax in December (if you’re not retail or hospitality) and start to drift. Don’t let it happen! Staying focused and continuing to lay the groundwork is what will give us the boost to hit 2017 hard and make things happen.

What can you (or your Social Media Elf) do for your social media before we break for Christmas?


3 Social Media Musts

1. Look back. In general are you happy with your social media activity and results from 2016?

You know if it has gone well this year. Have you seen your communities and interaction building month on month? Have you got a system, tools, and methods in place so it isn’t a time suck? Does it flow with as little stress as possible? Can you use all of your social media channels with ease, utilising their full functionality?

Find 3 successes to celebrate and 3 things you know you can improve on.

2. Can you identify which social media channel has been the most productive for your business this year?

It’s great utilising as many social media channels as you efficiently can, but if one is producing way better results that the others, it make sense to focus more time on that one. Really ramp it up and see how you can boost it even more.

3. Make your plan for January to March now if you haven’t already.

Starting your plan for January in January is TOO LATE! Always be at least a month ahead with your planning. Having time puts less pressure on you, which will enable you to be more creative and inspiring. This will shine through in your content and implementation, keeping your community engaged and responsive. This can only earn you better results and leads for your business.

The Result

Doing these now will reward you with a clear view and direction when you are back to work in January. Clarity is essential to your business and social media success. What a great Christmas present to yourself!

Once you’ve done these 3 Social Media Musts, here’s number 4…reward yourself by taking up our Social Media Christmas Challenge. Time to relax!