Time to make changes!

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time to make changes at Mushroom SouffleIs this another New Year, New You blog?

No, more a New Year, New Us, but I’m sharing this in the hope you can take some learning away from it to your business.

Every small business has to be aware of what our clients want, need and expect from us. But there is something else we should look at. Are YOU happy with how your business is going?

Complete honesty time…last summer, I wasn’t happy. In fact, I was downright miserable!

I had got so caught up with working in the business and the daily grind and habits that I hadn’t even realised I wasn’t enjoying it…however, my boyfriend had! (You should feel very sorry for him!)


Time to make changes!

Changes needed to be made, but that can be daunting when you’ve worked in a particular way and offered certain services for so long.

Assessing it with an objective mind has been hard, I’m so emotionally attached to my clients, team and business that it can be difficult to make rational decisions. Team dynamics have been shifting since one of my beautiful Soufflés went on maternity leave, and ‘life’ was happening with the others, so what was I going to do? Finding dedicated, positive team members hasn’t always been easy. If I was making changes to the services I offer, how was that going to affect new team members in what was required?

Overhauling our social media services and picking them apart has been interesting. The systems in place, how communication flows, the situations that throw a spanner in the works and where it all just happens without stress, and the results coming in.


Ultimately two things really stood out for me…

  1. How much I enjoy delivering group social media training. The social media training programme for Oxfordshire County Council in 2015 and early 2016 for the Women and Broadband Initiative was a lot of fun. Seeing all our ‘students’ gaining clarity, getting excited because they have the knowledge that provides and clear direction. Getting back to training groups, whilst it takes practise to facilitate a number of people (seriously, 18 women in one room…imagine the talking!), was a joy because the conversations (that were actually related to what I was talking about) generated fascinating points of view, new understanding, and moments of brilliant ideas.
  2. I LOVE our private VIP, Mentor and Training programmes and clients. For the same reasons as above, but obviously one-to-one gives me greater opportunity to focus solely on YOUR business and what YOU personally need. Just thinking about it gives me tingles!


So the solution became clear…

Ongoing social media management was out. WOW…and breathe…it was not an easy decision to make. Now this is me jumping with both feet into that decision to make it happen.

My role is to transfer my knowledge and give you the focus, tools, and ability to take control of your social media. I am focused and dedicated to empowering business owners and your teams to take control of your social media effectively and work alongside you until you have the education, systems, habits and strategy in place to power on without me.

Going forwards our main focus is on:

  • Social media training – one-to-one and one-to-many
  • Social media mentoring
  • Social media strategy and content brainstorming and creation

I know this isn’t going to suit everyone in my community, and I totally appreciate that.


Exciting times!

For those of you that this calls to and you stay with us – things are about to ramp up and get really fun! Starting with the launch of our whizz-banging Social Media Mastermind group programme as a celebration of our 8th birthday on 28th February 2017.

This excites me – it is all of my loves above rolled into one! There is a special offer on the first programme (get in quick!), working together to rocket your social media strategy and ability and pulling together first-rate business owners who can also benefit from networking and brainstorming with other business owners in our confidential group. All the gobsmacking details are here!

So that’s us! Starting 2017 with fresh plans, a new perspective, and a super duper new way of working with you. Drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter and let me know what’s happening with you.