Take one action today, show your business some social media love

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How much do you love your business? It may create jobs and provide your team with a great place to work, it supports your customers with a product or service that they desire or need, it enables you to live the life that you want to. Do you show it the love that it deserves?

In every business there are always a few things that we should be more consistent in. Things that just fall through the cracks. It could be reviewing our marketing plan on a quarterly basis, contacting our clients regularly to make sure they are OK, talking to our accountant as often as we should do, or, shock horror, not paying enough attention to our social media.

I could talk about social media training for your team that will boost their confidence and ability, and save time for you. We could look at scheduling the backbone of your campaigns in advance so you have a more proactive, focused approach. Or how about we discuss actually booking the time in your diary that will be spent on the planning, brainstorming and creating. And that’s before the daily ‘doing’.

Nope. Today I want you to take ONE simple action of social media love which precedes all of that.

When you already have a social media presence and you are investigating the best ways to ramp it up, this is always the first thing I do. For me this precedes EVERYTHING ELSE. I do this for every new client I work with. It can bring you realisations, inspiration, motivation or a good old kick up the bum! It will dictate what comes next in your social media journey. And I want to hear back from you with your findings.


The social media love action

You will need to be in a calm, open state of mind. And have a notepad and pen or your tablet ready to take notes.

Open up each of your social media channels and I mean ALL of them – LinkedIn profile and company page, Facebook profile and business page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube – everything that gives you an online presence. Don’t forget the blog on your website!

Have a quick read of the questions below.

Now look at each account with the eyes of a complete stranger.

Write down your instant thoughts as you look at them, you have less than 7 seconds per account to do this!


Answer these questions

Now consider the following for each one in more depth, write down your answers. Yes, this bit is going to take longer than 7 seconds!

  • Aesthetics. Are they attractive, with relevant images?
  • Do people instantly know what you do?
  • Is your profile photo a good one?
  • Is all the information completed?
  • Is it up-to-date?
  • Does it showcase you in the best light? Is it interesting and will it make people want to contact you?
  • Are you posting consistently?
  • Does it truly reflect your company brand?
  • Are your posts helpful, supportive, informative, engaging, fun and have great images?
  • Are you interacting?
  • What will make your community want to do business with you?


What now?

What are your findings? If you found it really hard to be objective, ask someone who isn’t involved in your business to do it for you.

Bearing in mind that social media gives you access to an incredible number of people, it also gives them access to you without talking to you directly. This IS your conversation with them! What first impression are they receiving? Is it going to encourage them to stay and get involved, or move on and find someone else?

  • Will an abandoned Facebook business page lead them to assume you are no longer trading?
  • Will negative rants on your Facebook profile turn them away?
  • Will an out-of-date LinkedIn profile fail to dazzle them with the full extent of your experience and skills?

Use this exercise as a first step to identify the areas for improvement. Do you need to take social media more seriously? Are you allocating the time and resources needed to take full advantage of this powerful marketing opportunity?

For those of you happy with your social media presence and it is doing everything you need – high-five! Good work!


Need some help, advice and accountability to get off the ground and take control? We are going to be tackling all of this and so much more in our group Social Media Mastermind programme starting on 28th February 2017. We still have a few spaces left with an awesome 50% discount for this first programme.