Social Media Bible Template

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Free social media download - Social Media Bible Template - Mushroom SouffleWelcome to the Social Media Bible, or should I say YOUR Social Media Bible. Others might call it an Operations Manual or User Guide, but here at Mushroom Soufflé, we have Bibles.

You’ve heard this so many times from me, but guess what…I’m not giving up! Having a written plan for each day, week and month is paramount to keeping you on track with your social media. Having it in your head isn’t enough. This will keep you focused. Creating your bible will also enable you to delegate to a team member or outsource your social media if you need help.


What is it and how does it work?

It is a spreadsheet template setup for you to start adding the detail of your social media activity that has to take place. Download it by completing the form below and, if needed, customise it to your business.

The idea is you have a new bible for each month, we save ours as ‘Social Media Bible – March 2017’. This way, if you need to remind yourself what your plan for December 2016 was, you can go back and check that version.

Why a new bible each month? Because your plan and focus will change depending on your industry, the seasons, what affects your customers, new services or products you are launching,
and the offers you are running – all dictated by your marketing strategy! And it keeps your content fresh for your community.

Each tab on the spreadsheet is named – you can rename these to suit the social media channels you are using.

Each tab has two sections:
1. Scheduling – Know what topics you are going to talk about each month, what categories/tabs you are going to pull your content from on the Tweet Sheet (don’t have this? Get the free download for that too), and what times/days you will post.

2. Weekly Interaction – When will you chat, interact, answer questions and generally get involved with your community?

Complete the blue sections with your relevant information.
Add extra rows in as you need them.
Duplicate new tabs as you need them for your other social media channels.

The Twitter tab is already filled out to show you how it can work.

What are you waiting for? Scroll down to the form and download it!


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