Social Media Policy Template

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Social Media Policy Template - Mushroom Souffle Social Media MagicSocial media is a minefield for businesses. So is HR! It can be an interesting situation when you combine the two.

  • Is social media killing productivity by distracting your team from their jobs?
  • What if social media posts by your team don’t represent your company in a positive light?
  • What happens when their posts provide you with information contrary to what they’ve told you?

How much control do you really have?


Protect your business online and with your team

Do everything you can to protect your business online and with your team by ensuring you have a formal Social Media Policy in place.

The size of your business doesn’t matter. You can be a Sole Trader with associates, have the one employee, or a staff of 10 to 100. HAVE. A. SOCIAL. MEDIA. POLICY.

Leah, our legal expert from Lennons Solicitors, gives her advice over on the blog, come and read it. And we take a look at the Coca-Cola social media policy and how you can use it as guidance for your company. Managing expectations of online behaviour from the outset can make all the difference, and save you a great deal of time, money and stress.

“I need one! Where do I find one?” Don’t worry, obviously we’ve got this!

Making this simple and painless for you, Lennons Solicitors have generously shared the social media policy template that they give to their clients with us.

Download the Social Media Policy Template now and customise it to fit your requirements. Protect your business from the complications that social media can bring to you.



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