My favourite social media scheduling tools – Meet Edgar and Hootsuite

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Last week we talked about the big social media question. To schedule or not to schedule?

Today I’m sharing my favourite social media scheduling tools with you. Everyone will have different options that work for them for different reasons, you have to find what is right for you! All I can do is share why I love them and you can make your own decisions.

My faves are Meet Edgar and Hootsuite (these are not affiliate links, I do not make money from recommending them). Come and meet them…



Hootsuite - social media schedulingHootsuite is my longstanding scheduling buddy, we have been together for many years now. I consider it to the best option for newbies to start scheduling – the Basic plan allows you to use three social media profiles on it, so that makes it a great introduction opportunity. If you need more than that the Pro version is now £11.99 (I don’t pay that, I’ve been using it for a long time!).

Why do I rate it so highly?

  • It’s easy to use
  • It connects with all the social networks
  • The search columns are invaluable
  • It gives you a complete view of your social media in one dashboard which saves you time!
  • Having all your social media profiles under one umbrella makes communication simpler

A couple of niggles but nothing is perfect:

  • Analytics Reporting can be pricey, you do get a free report, but that won’t be enough for what you need. Plus it will only report on clicks throughs on or links, Hootsuite’s own URL shorteners.
  • Never got on with the bulk upload functionality (not available on the Basic plan). It was just as timely to insert them one by one and schedule (we’re quick on the old copy/paste!)

Then, in 2014 I found a new best friend…


Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar social media schedulingEdgar is a cute little octopus with his scheduling tentacles. This is the one to go for when you are convinced that social media is the way forward and know how much you value your time. At $79 per month, it is an investment, but consider these points…

  • You upload and save your awesome evergreen content into relevant categories and they stay in Edgar forever! The schedule will rotate in pulling posts from each category that you tell it to until you tell it to stop. With Hootsuite, you have to upload everything again, every month. Edgar means no repetition – save time and money every week/month
  • Edgar automatically converts your web links into links – the URL shortener – unlike Hootsuite, where you have to put the link in a special box and press a button to shrink it (I’m all about saving time)
  • Edgar took our scheduling from 2.5-3 hours per month in Hootsuite to 30 minutes! How much do you value your time?

The drawbacks:

  • Edgar doesn’t have a Google+ tentacle, so we still use Hootsuite
  • I didn’t like how images were being posted to LinkedIn Company pages a while back (I haven’t checked recently). There was text from the post being inserted into the image URL which didn’t look good. We went back to Hootsuite for automated posting to them


Couldn’t get everything done without these ultra helpful social media tools!

There are lots of other scheduling options such as Buffer, Viraltag, Social Oomph, and Sprout Social, to name a few. What are you using? Let me know, I want to hear your recommendations!