To schedule or not to schedule? That is the social media question!

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social media scheduling - Mushroom Souffle - social media magic Is social media scheduling going to help your business?

Social media is a time suck, I’ve said it before and this won’t be the last time! Being clever with your valuable time means identifying the right time management tools and techniques to get you ahead. The biggest cause of people and businesses abandoning their social media accounts is that they are not organised so it becomes a painful slog. And without motivation, the activity dries up.

The pros and cons of automating your social media activity are constantly debated. Here is my list of them…


Cons (or excuses not to do social media properly)

  1. Many people stop looking at their account regularly because they know posts are rolling out automatically. Social media is social. The clue is in the word! You still have to log in regularly and interact – that’s the point of social media. Not allocating time to checking in routinely means you are just broadcasting, not listening
  2. You will need to plan your strategy and awesome content in advance – yes! This means getting on top of it and actually having a plan (not sure about that? Check out my series of TRANSFORM blogs.)
  3. Be aware of forgetting to change out old content – you don’t want your Top Winter Tips going out at Easter, they won’t be relevant!
  4. Creating new sparkly content stops being a priority. Repurposing evergreen content is a great use of your valuable time, but the fresh stuff keeps your community interested and engaged, and keeps you relevant and in the game


Pros (otherwise known as totally cool reasons you should schedule)

  1. Having a proactive plan means presenting the best image of your you and your business
  2. Your ideas will be more creative because you have more time to think about them.
  3. Being constantly visible by sharing awesome social media content keeps you at the forefront of your audiences’ minds
  4. You can post more often that if you were to do it manually. Therefore you will reach more of your target audience
  5. It will free up more of your daily time. You won’t be frantically thinking about what to post
  6. Consistency is a major factor in social media success. Posting once in a blue moon will not generate much traffic and interest.
  7. You can optimise the times you post without impacting on your personal life. If 8pm on a Friday night gets you great responses, you can always post at that time without having to interrupt your family time
  8. Somedays the world will go mad in your office because of client deadlines, IT issues, or staff illness or holiday. Scheduling takes the pressure off. The business won’t spontaneously combust because you still have posts going out ensuring your online presence!


What we do!

Social media scheduling, or automating, your social media activity IS one of the key methods to saving you time and increasing your social media presence. BUT it has to be done with the right approach.

We use it to schedule the backbone of our campaigns. Evergreen blogs, promotions of our social media services and programmes, expert hints and tips and events that are coming up. But we still log in most weekdays (sometimes multiple times) to check for questions, make conversation, thank and say hi to people, share or retweet others’ posts. The personal touch is significant.

Want to know what I use? Check out my favourite social media scheduling tools!

P.S. Grab our free download of the Social Media Bible Template to help you get organised for scheduling your social media!