Do you accept The 12 Day Twitter Challenge?

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Mushroom Souffle's 12 Day Twitter ChallengeTwitter can sometimes feel like a Rubix Cube, it looks super complicated!

You’re playing with it, one side is coming together and you think YES! Then you look at the other sides and realise there’s a lot more work to do and sheer luck isn’t going to get you there – it takes logic!

The cool thing is…Twitter is far easier than the Rubix Cube.


Announcing – The 12 Day Twitter Challenge!

Feeling the fear of Twitter? >>> this is for you
Not using it consistently? >>> this is for you
Lacking in ideas for it? >>> TAKE PART!


Every day a new challenge will be posted (join our Facebook Group > Sarah’s Social Cake) in the group. It’s all about taking action with Twitter, giving you a plan to follow and using it consistently for 12 days.

If you don’t use it much, you won’t acquire the understanding of it so you’ll keep any preconceived thoughts you have about it. Resulting in…not using it effectively, so guess what…it won’t work for you! <<< Get rid of this! We don’t have time for stuff not working.

Thursday 1st June is when we kick off – make a decision now. Will you be joining us?

Join Sarah’s Social Cake and comment on our pinned post that you are IN!


You will need a Twitter account already setup.

(We have LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram Challenges coming to the group too!)