The coveted verified tick for Facebook Pages

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Are you Authentic?

Does Facebook agree?!

Do you have the coveted verified tick for Facebook Pages?

Local Businesses and Companies & Organisations receive a gray circle badge with a tick.

Celebs, Public Figures, Sports, Media & Entertainment get a blue tick badge.

They appear after the Page name.

To get them we have to meet certain criteria.

verified tick Facebook Pages

Local Business & Companies have a straightforward process:

Go to Settings

Find Page verification and click Get Started.

Enter your biz phone number so Facebook can call you with a code.

Enter code in box and that’s it! You should get your tick.

(new Pages may have to do extra verification)


Sports Peeps, Celebs, Media, Entertainment:

It’s not as easy.

Word on the street is that verified Facebook Pages show up higher in search results, which will attract more visitors.


Facebook doesn’t hand them out to everyone.

Again, go to Settings and look for Page Verification. If it’s not there – you are not eligible for it yet!


Are you verified?