Is Meesha in your social media community?

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Meesha and I have lived together for 3 months, but it’s only the last week we’ve spent quality time together.

She is one of my step-kitties … super scared …. and super loving.

For the first 3 weeks, she lived in the spare room, under the bed or as a little lump under the blankets on the bed.

When we evicted her from there, she stole my cat’s spot inside the sofa bed in my office.

I could go days without seeing her. She’d sneak out at night to eat.

If she heard me coming, her little scurrying footsteps took her to a hiding place as quick as possible.

We worried about letting her outside, Meesha had never used a catflap before and there was no way she’d come back in if I was in the kitchen… would she come home?

My boyfriend is the only person she goes to. She loves him 

I’ve had to be patient with her. I talked to her when I knew she was in the sofa bed so she got to know my voice.

If M was in the process of creeping out I’d be super quiet (OK, so I find this hard, I move quickly and I’m quite loud on occasions ) to show her I’m not that scary.

When feeling brave she ventures in for a head tickle (especially if sister Jessie is getting fuss), which she loves, but one false move from me and she’s gone!

In the last week or so things have changed!

– I’m ambushed outside the bathroom each morning for tickle time
– Her tail starts doing this funny twitchy thing meaning she’s happy before I even touch her
– She stays close some days, not legging it everytime I get up from my desk
– Squeaks at me for attention
– Let me pick her up and sit her on my lap 
– Comes back for more love

We’re certainly nowhere near where we want her to be with us, but it’s a cracking start!

The similarities between this and building a social media community is slightly hilarious 

It takes time, patience, interaction and different tactics.

Some people are going to be a Meesha, you have to coax them out.

The awesomeness when it starts to work is very cool