The Lurker, the Warm-up, and the Dive Straight In!

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Have you identified these three people in your social media community yet?

And do you know which you are?

  1. The one who just watches and absorbs (or stalks). They won’t like or comment on your stuff ever! But suddenly, one day far far in the future, they can become a customer without any warning.
  2. Then there’s the one who needs to settle in, get comfy and at ease with their surroundings before slowly getting involved. My sister was like this as a child – she’d sit and watch you (totally deadpan, slightly unnerving for some), until she decided you were OK and would start to gently interact as she warmed even more to you.
  3. And there’s those who don’t care and dive right in! Liking, commenting, sharing,… I’ll be totally honest – WE LOVE YOU! Why? Because we get to know what you like and don’t like and how we can help you more. Because you encourage the others to get involved too.

But how can you encourage the first two?

With awesome content. Be welcoming, chatty, invite questions, make it easy for them. Also, don’t forget, a cool bunch of people from 3 who comment first is always brilliant – then 1 and 2 don’t have to worry about being the first. We can’t force them, but we can make it easier!


Which number are you?

(Clearly number 1s are not going to comment 😉 )

If you’re 1 or 2, do you think you could get more value by dropping the odd like or comment so we know what you like and need from us? In my social media community, the aim is always to help you as much as I can.