3 Steps to Get More Twitter Followers

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The major question is always  “How do I get more Twitter followers?” Ones that I actually want!

I know you are following new tweeters on a regular basis who fit your target market because that makes sense to. This should get a return on people following you back, but there has to be more, right?

Yes there is.


Step 1. Location Baby! 🏕🏜🏖🏙

Being a local businesses means you are part of a community. I guarantee not everyone in that community knows about you. If they do why are you reading this post??

💕Oxfordshire people love Oxfordshire people


Same with Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, etc. Drill down into towns and villages – even more so!

Even if you have an online business, you still live and work somewhere.

Find the local businesses, news, and residents nearby and try to connect with them.

Hashtag those babies in your tweets – #Oxfordshire #Oxford #Abingdon #Witney, etc (obviously not if you don’t live there, that would be weird – find your own 😝).

Get involved in the chat, share events, many will follow back and retweet your content with their followers.


Step 2. Compliment

How does it feel when someone mentions you or your article in their tweet?

Exciting, yes? Complimentary. You get that warm fuzzy feeling.

Transfer that feeling to other people, your networking tribe, those you respect, and Thought Leaders/Influencers in your field.

Invite them to come into conversation with you.

Attending an expo or show where they will be too? You can post you’re looking forward to hearing their presentation / visiting their stand / seeing their performance.

You get the gist – you can work it out from there.

Thought Leaders and Influencers. Look for those in your industry who have huge fan followings. Mentioning them in your tweets will get them knowing who you are, hopefully following you back and starting the interaction.


Step 3. Mention Brand

People love brands they don’t want to miss any of the latest information about their favorites.

News, television, social media. They follow their brands everywhere!

Plus, and more excitingly, they also follow people who talk about their favorite brands.

Are there particular brands that your target market adore?

If they’re into expensive tech equipment, they might need insurance for it.

If they’re into top notch sportswear, they could be interested in running marathons

Tweeting about a brand (include a link to a blog that mentions them) will result in that brand retweeting you (as long as it’s positive!). There is a chance they follow you back too, you might need to tweet more than once for this.

Later on, you could see followers of that brand following you and you might get some retweets too.

What brand do you love and could you blog and tweet about?


Put these 3 Steps to increase Twitter followers into practice and let me know how it goes.