Work It Like Missy!

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When you visit our house, you will get to know Missy pretty it like missy

Generally you walk in and within a minute or so, there is an indignant meow (or three) if you haven’t spotted her straight away.

She has probably jumped up on the coffee table so she is higher and closer to you. Or sat at your feet. And her eyes are locked on you.

Are you staying for a cuppa? Then take a seat.

She doesn’t care if you like cats or not, she will jump up onto the arm of the chair and walk round you to inspect you.

If you are not instantly charmed by her and give her some fuss, it’s right now that she will sit by your hand and start head butting your hand – “what do you mean by ignoring me human? You should be loving me!”

This technique has great results. We’ve had many people visit who aren’t cat fans, but they always end up liking Missy. Her persistence (and being very spoilt but that’s another conversation) pays off. She knows if she doesn’t make herself known then she doesn’t get the loving.

It’s the same on Twitter! You got to follow people, say hi, do some gentle headbutting, and elicit a response from people. Stay quiet and life isn’t as fun!