I Never Snogged on a First Date

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I Never Snogged on a First Date.

This was back when I was internet dating – 2013 / 2014 I think.


(Seriously, a year of my life I’ll never get back. And if I’m honest, very few made it through to a second date!)first date

I liked to have a chat, ask questions, get to know someone.

Kissing someone you barely know… (some do it!) BLAH!

You meet someone new, you give them a compliment, ask what they’re into, any hobbies?

You get on well, so you offer to buy them a coffee (or Roobois or Jasmine in my case)

At no point do you turn round and say …

Fancy a shag?

(although there are guys who thought this was a good approach on certain dating websites – they didn’t get the response they wanted)

Too much, way too soon!

And this carries through into the world of social media.

Building relationships takes time.

Be interested in people

Be curious.

Want to get to know them.

It has been satisfying, the times I’ve connected people with a similar interest. Or when someone is looking for help and I know just the person to introduce them to.

You can’t do that without knowing them.


and I see this all over social media and in the newsletters that land in my Inbox (not for long, I unsubscribe from them as soon as they land)…

‘Let me tell you what we’ve been up to’

‘These are the services we provide’

No ‘Hi, how are you, what do you need?’

No top tips.

Nothing to show that they understand what it is that I need help with.

In the case of some newsletters, not even an ‘it was nice to meet you the other day’

Added me to their mailing list (without asking) and straight in – BAM  and that’s it!



Ever been at networking meeting and someone has trapped you in a corner and telling you how awesome they are?

It doesn’t make you love them does it?

So lets NOT do it online!

Share awesome content.

Show you care what your community need from you.

Show you KNOW their pain points and have ways to make things easier.

Ask what they need.

Check out their content and join in the conversation when you can.

When they comment on your stuff – respond to everything!

Become friends before expecting more.