Twitter can Generate Serious Results for your Business

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When I set up my business I was a networking tart.

It was the the one way I knew I could generate business, meeting people face-to-face, eyeball to eyeball to develop that all important trust.

And I was scared of not being able to pay the mortgage following redundancy, so I networked with the dedication of a ninja.

Then one day I realised that for every networking meeting I went to around Oxford (and I went to a lot), there were at least 5 more taking place across the county plus all the business owners who don’t network.

What’s a business owner to do?

So I started with Twitter.

Created a bucket load of content – useful, helpful advice. No selling, no telling everyone how amazing I am (because clearly I am, right? 😉 ), just helping people.

And I scheduled tweets to go out at least 3 x a day, every day.

Started following everyone I networked with, then people that they were connected with, and people in the same network that I hadn’t met yet.

I used #hashtags to attract people, and to track down ideal people to follow.

And I invested time in conversations and retweeting other people’s cool tweets.

My followers grew.

More people out networking that I didn’t know started recognising me from my Twitter profile pic.

I even got stopped walking down the road one day (that was a bit weird), I remember thinking, “Seriously? My Twitter photo is tiny, how did you recognise me?”

This broke down the barriers, and we chatted like old friends rather than new acquaintances.

The more advice, hints and tips that I shared, the more people recommended me to others to follow.

One day I got a call.

“My co-Director told me to call you, we need help with our social media.”

Turned out his colleague had been stalking me on Twitter for 6 months. And I never knew, he didn’t like any of my tweets, retweet them, nothing!

After two meetings they signed a £7k contract with me.

Just. From. My. Tweets.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve closed business from Twitter.

You have to remember that with social media you are playing the long game. It is not a quick fix.

Consistency, Commitment, Confidence.

Make it happen!

What has been your most successful way of attracting your tribe?