Sneaky marketing you can do in 29 minutes …

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A call or a meeting is booked for 29 minutes time. There’s no point delving into a serious project now, you’ll have to stop!Sneaky marketing you can do in 29 minutes - Mushroom Souffle

You know exactly what I mean 😉

The time is better spent making a cup of tea, having a wander round the office, checking out what’s happening outside, and idly scrolling through your emails.


You could get in some sneaky and super productive marketing time. Because blocking out the time to focus on your marketing can sometimes prove a little elusive, can it not?

1. Go Live on Facebook

No. 1 way for connecting with people and getting them to tune in. People will watch a FB Live for 10 minutes longer than a pre-recorded video – you never know what might happen! It’s great for people feeling like you are talking directly to them.

2. Connect on LinkedIn

Go through your business cards from recent meetings and request to connect (don’t forget to include a personalise note) with the people you talked to. Suggest dates for a chat about the thing you two were discussing.

3. Share

Remember the photos you took yesterday at the business event? Or the successful workshop you ran the day before? Post it up on social media with your feedback, tag who was there, and impart your words of wisdom.

4. Have images with impact easily to hand

Is it a pain finding images quickly for your social media content? Set up a free account on Pixabay (or your fave royalty free photo site) and scroll through, favouriting images that you know will be useful for posts. Then when you need them, there they are in a list for you to download. No searching required.

5. Write your next email to your (GDPR compliant) mailing list

Your mailing list WANT to hear from you, more than once every three months. Share the good shizzle. Please no monologues on how amazingly your business is doing – yawn! – what’s in it for us?

6. Write a blog

Basically, as above. And share it to the world!

7. Record a video

I’ve pointed out how important vids are in a couple of emails recently and out Vid Challenge. Want more engagement? Use them!

8. Answer questions

Jump into a Facebook or LinkedIn Group and see who you can assist with your knowledge and experience. Be consistent, build relationships, let people get used to seeing your face and name and know you want to help.

9. Creating images in Canva

If you don’t know how much I love Canva for designing cool images then that’s my fault for not telling you enough.

  • Hints and Tips
  • Quotes
  • New cover photos
  • Images for your blogs

Use them to grab our attention!

10. Schedule some social media posts in advance

Being proactive with your posting, rather than firefighting, gives you more brain space to be creative and get shit done. Hootsuite and Social Jukebox are my trusty sidekicks!