How to share an Article on Facebook

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If you saw my blog last week ‘What Not to Post on Twitter and Facebook!’ blog, you’ll know one of my points was:Facebook Article

Sharing an article with ‘good article’, ‘agree’ or ‘LOL’ as your intro comment.

Someone replied with TEACH ME!

So here I am!

Do remember, everything I write is about looking at social media from a business point of view. I don’t coach/train on social media for personal use 👍

This is always about building your credibility as the expert in your area.

Sharing an article with ‘great post!’ does not do that.


🤔 Why is the article good?
🤔 What is in it that rates you sharing it to your community?
🤔 Is there one particular section that resonated with you?
🤔 Do you think it’s a load of absolute crap and you want to bust those myths?


It gives people insight to what YOU, as the expert thinks.

It will generate conversation – get to know your followers and they can get to know you.

It will encourage people to click on the link – ultimately, people are busy AND lazy. We have to earn their time invested in reading our posts and the info we send them.

I was chatting to a good friend recently and she admitted she goes with ‘good article’ when she’s being lazy! Is that you too?