What Not to Post on Twitter and Facebook!

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I pulled this out of a recent talk – How Not to Bore People on Social Media.Facebook and Twitter posting

Obviously, I spend a LOT of time looking through my social media newsfeeds (sometimes too much!) and that of my clients.

There’s so much going on that, when doing this for business, if you’re not standing out you risk missing all that reach and engagement you can gain. And without those … no results for your business.

The top things to AVOID if you don’t want your audience nodding off when scrolling through their newsfeed.

Posting infrequently

Regular consistency is the path to increased brand awareness, boosted engagement, showing up in people’s newsfeeds on Facebook and Twitter, and people WANTING to see your posts. Actively looking out for them.

Sharing an article with ‘good article’, ‘agree’ or ‘LOL’ as your intro comment

This doesn’t give people any reasons to click on the link and read more. We want the interaction on it, we need to work a harder and provide value to get others interested and engaging.

Posting your daily run with Strava

You’re running, yes I’m proud of you. I only run if someone is chasing me. But posting every run straight from the app is B O R I N G.

Still remember when all my friends took up running and cycling years back. I nearly gave up Facebook because of all those posts.

Wanna post about it? That’s cool. Put some effort into it with photos and some fun info. Make it stimulating, so that I don’t want to poke hot needles in my eyes to stop the pain of seeing them.

Me, me, me, me, me

Talking about yourself all the time can put people off. What’s in it for them?You gotta share the love. What’s in your head? What is your expertise? Something that they can use, learn from, or be entertained.

I’m having a cup of tea and a biscuit

Let’s be honest, you’ve panicked. You don’t know what to post, inspiration hasn’t struck. You’ve gone with something easy to just have something out there.Ooo, this is a lovely coffee shop, I’ll post a pic of my cup. It doesn’t provide anything of value to people, nothing they can take away from it, it won’t build your credibility and gain trust.