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🙍♂️🙍♀️🙆♀️🙆♂️🙋♂️🙋♀️more followers

Social media accounts are exactly the same as websites.

If they just sit there, no one finds them.

To achieve the results you want from your Facebook Group, Page, Twitter or LinkedIn, you need more eyeballs!


How do you get more eyeballs?

Make sure the world knows about your social media accounts and how to find them.

1️⃣ Put them in your email signature

2️⃣ Have your social media icons at the top of your website on every page so they are easily found

3️⃣ Put ’em on your business card

4️⃣ Add them to your presentation slides & credit slide at end of videos

5️⃣ Invite the right people to join you

On LinkedIn and Twitter

be proactive with connecting. Put in the effort to find people and request to connect or follow.

On Facebook

Invite friends to like your Facebook Business Page

Tell them about your Group – message them a link to make it easy

In Public

Mention it whenever you do talks, elevator pitches, chats, in terms of how your followers benefit from being there.

You know what I’m going to say next, right?


The more people interacting with you, the more peeps see it.

By providing consistent value, you can then ask your community to invite those they know will love it too. They’ll even invite them without you asking!

I’m seeing too many pages, groups, accounts with under 200 likes, members or followers. And even when you hit 200, that’s not enough! Consistently build, never sit back and think ‘ah, my work here is done’. Unless you’re rivalling Richard Branson or Taylor Swift 😉