21 ways to stay productive when the internet dies

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21 ways to stay productive - Sarah Fletcher - Mushroom Souffle Social Media MagicWho else swears like a trooper when the broadband goes down? (OK, so that’s not the only time I swear 😉 ).

It was the first day at my desk after moving house, so I was eager to get to it. And then that moment of realisation and nooooooooooo….. 🙁

And I couldn’t go out to hunt for wifi because I was waiting on a delivery.

If you’re like me and your business runs online, when there’s suddenly no connection you can feel lost. Shit, what do I do now?

When I say online, I mean nearly EVERYTHING is accessed via the internet. Obvs the social media networks, but also the systems I use to run the business.

That’s why I am writing this (and clearly will post it when the internet leaps into life again).

Yes I could use my phone, but the 4g was also being crap, and there’s a limit to what I can do on there. I like my big monitor and a proper keyboard!

We’ve got so damn dependant on it that we can grind to a halt. So I decided to write a list to kick start me next time it happens. Then I thought to share it with you!

This is a mix of business, personal, and creative shizzle.

In no particular order of importance…

  1. Take time to stop and breathe!
  2. Make a list of shizzle to do (as you can see, this works for me!)
  3. Walk. In circles (which is a habit of mine at home when thinking) or preferably, out of the house
  4. Write. Do this. That’s where this article came from. Just sitting down and starting to write
  5. Read a book
  6. Ring a friend for a chat (men – ring your mum if you haven’t for a while, you’ll make her day!)
  7. Ring a client for a chat
  8. Check in with your team
  9. Get Creative. If you don’t think you are an ‘arty’ person then grab a colouring book and pens. Otherwise, draw, doodle, paint, craft, arrange flowers, design something wacky
  10. Brainstorm ideas for social media content, new products and services
  11. Do your sales followups (as long as you can access their details of what you’ve been discussing, otherwise you’ll sound like a dick)
  12. Draft email and message templates that will save you time
  13. Is there something you can do to help someone?
  14. How is your workspace looking? Tidy your desk, clean it, rearrange stuff, make it a space you WANT to spend time in
  15. Assess your pipeline, how’s it looking?
  16. Consider client feedback you’ve received recently. How can you make the experience even more awesome for them?
  17. Unpack a box (I’ve just moved house, this is my life!)
  18. Update the white board over your desk with the important shizzle you put on it (everyone has one of these, right?)
  19. If you’re a notebook and pen person, flick back through it to make sure you haven’t missed anything
  20. Brainstorm anything you can outsource or pass onto your team
  21. Stage and shoot some photos or videos you can use for social media

Naturally in between doing any of these I know you’ve got your eagle eye on the internet connection waiting for it to magically restart 😉

Let the brain run wild without the craved screen time and constant information overload/absorption that often kicks in. It’s holding you back. Ideas or clarity comes when you just give your brain space to roll of it’s own accord.

What can you add to the list? I’m definitely up for other ideas to grow this.