Check Your Procrastination Face

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Procrastination - Smash the habit of wasting time - productivity - Sarah Fletcher - Mushroom Souffle Social Media MagicProcrastination is a bitch.
As is overwhelm.

Often the two come hand in hand.

I became the all ruling Queen of both last year when my relationship ended and my life totally changed.

Suddenly I couldn’t focus.
I had no idea where I was going.
The world became fuzzy.

As you can imagine, this also took root in my business.

For a while I did a really good impression of holding it all together.
You know why? Because I had planned in advance.

The problem was…once I got to the end of the plan, I had nothing left. And my brain wasn’t playing the game.

Procrastination became part of my every day.

It hurts.

  • You KNOW you need to be planning that new marketing campaign.
  • You KNOW your social media content needs brainstorming.
  • You KNOW you need to be taking photos and creating awesome images.

But you don’t.

It’s easier to spin on your office chair balancing your pen on your top lip (you know you’ve done this!)

It’s easier to do do the endless social media newsfeed scroll convincing myself I was working..

In my case, moving around house and pet sitting, it was easier to play with the dogs I was looking after (they were just too cute!)

My creativity for my own business disappeared.

Interestingly, it increased for my clients!

Client work was great! I had someone else’s goals, sense of purpose, branding to work towards. That was easy.

But running your own business you gotta be on it.

I had to get it back – no clients means no business growth, no paying the bills, and stress over money. Not a good place to be in when you’re dealing with a load of crap already.


Struggling? Here’s your steps to follow:

1. Identify the issue:

Have you got a lot going on? Know when you give yourself a break (I’m shit at that, hence I tried to force it for a long time).

Are you being lazy? Know when you need to kick your ass into action.

Has procrastination slipped into your daily routine as a bad habit? Bad habits are way too easy to get into, good habits are hard to form. It takes effort.

Are you not in the right brain space for what you’re trying to do at that moment?


2. Be surrounded by awesome people ... AND USE THEM

I am very lucky to have awesome people around me, but I am shit at asking for help. My preferred method seems to be to wallow like a hippo in mud on my own before reaching out. That makes me a dickhead!

My Mindset Coach – Karen is probably the reason I didn’t totally lose the plot when it all kicked off at the end of May. When emotions run high, it is too easy to make bad knee-jerk reactions. You also need a fresh perspective from the outside when your brain starts to lie to you.

My Business Mentor and his Group – Dan and EWD are a fabulous sanity check. No topic is off limits in our group – personal or business. I’ve had mind-blowing support, advice, and motivation from them. But I still haven’t used them to the full capacity I should have!

Friends – choose wisely on who you speak to! Some won’t get it due to their own situations, experiences, and mindsets. But the ones who do will be invaluable.

Mel gave me a key to her front door and let me rant and vent whenever I needed to. Is fab at playing devils advocate when I was making a potentially dodgy choice. And asks questions that make you squirm but gets straight to the point. Awkward but necessary!

Alice listens and supports. She is very calm and non-judgemental which I need when feeling stressed! It’s good to have someone who doesn’t try to fix it for you. Just understands you’re not having a great day and tells you its OK not to be on top form.

Jo has been through more than her own fair share of relationship bollox. Our stories are very similar on why our relationships didn’t work. Peace of mind comes from realising it isn’t just you and being able to swap experiences.

However, it has made me realise I need to strengthen my inner circle as a few peeps I thought would be there, weren’t (it happens). And I realised the areas I am missing support.


3. Get away from your desk!

Changing your environment changes your outlook. It is too easy to sit in front of your laptop forcing something to happen. If you’re not inspired you can’t inspire anyone else.

Spark the brain with exercise, people and positive conversations, visit new places.


4. Get shit out of your head.

Journalling, mindmap, lists – whatever you need to do to empty your head. Write it the hell down!

Otherwise the crap swirls around on top masking all the cool stuff hiding underneath.


5. Have systems in your business.

I have always known this was important, but a conversation with a friend and client recently made my eye bug out of my head.

“Since you did that training and strategy programme with us, Luke still hasn’t run out of content using the ideas, tools and systems you gave us. You do know that was over a year ago?”

Systems will keep you functioning (clearly I wasn’t sticking to my own!). Having tools and techniques that will jumpstart you.