Engagement can go wild with video on LinkedIn

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I have been beating my client over the head about sharing behind the scenes videos on LinkedIn for YEARS!


Initially he felt awkward as it would be showing him at work, letting people see the real him.

Plus he had concerns over it giving away the equipment and techniques he used.

Then it was a resource issue. It will take extra man-power/time to capture what’s going on.


He was driving me mad. He’s bloody amazing at what he does, his clients love him, and the results of his photography and video is insane! It needed the personal side opening up so people could get closer.

Then a couple of videos arrived in my Inbox, and whilst a good start, they were super short and speedy, not actually showing anything that would get people (the right people!) interested.


Last year it was building, Phil and his team got more into the behind the scenes stuff. The videos coming through showed more each time.


Then back in November I posted his latest behind the scenes video of him working on set for Guinness to LinkedIn.




Phil Sills Photographer Guinness videos on LinkedIn

His connections, and their connections, love it.

It brings them into his world, up close and personal.


People are nosy, they are desperate to know what goes on behind closed doors. It makes them feel included.


At the time of writing this we are on 1,631 Likes, 135 Comments, and 53,926 Views.


By some people’s standards, that is nothing unusual, but for Phil – this is way more than past content has attracted.

It just snowballed.


Phil is connecting with new hot contacts and potential new project conversations are happening.


I want to repeat what I said at the beginning… I have been telling Phil to do this FOR YEARS. Five years at least.


Are you inviting us into your world?


If not, why not? What is your thinking behind it that is holding you back?