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Know Like Trust social media marketing with Mushroom SouffleI heard the best phrase the other day – the MICROWAVE MINDSET.

The expectation of press button and PING!
It’s done!
The need for speed.

You don’t walk into a bar and get naked after a couple of drinks and a wink across the room.

(well, there might be a couple of you with that disposition 😉 )

You’re gonna be disappointed. That’s not how it works.

We’ve all heard of the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST formula.

Its the journey we have to go through with people when we first meet them.

Both in person and online.

Thing is, it’s usually easier to create that in person, unless you’re a dick, than it is on social media.


Know. Like. Trust.

1️⃣People need to KNOW of you and about you.

They want the feeling that they have an understanding of you. What you are all about. The knowledge and expertise you bring to the table. How they will benefit from knowing you.


2️⃣Once they know you, they then decide if they LIKE you. This can be a bit more tricky – we’re not designed to like everyone we meet 😉

Build that rapport.
Be the real you, the one they’ll get when they actually work with you.

If they don’t like you at that point, you’ve dodged a bullet.


3️⃣Finally, they need to TRUST you if they are going to buy from you.

👉Do you genuinely understand their challenges?
👉Is your expertise and knowledge really the right level and fit for what they need?
👉Is their money and time going to be well invested with you?
👉Is your solution genuinely going to transform their life, business, relationship, skills, challenges?
👉Will there be a solid working relationship between you both?

But you already know this, right?

Back to the beginning of my post…


Here’s the one MASSIVE issue.


Many people and businesses are trying to establish all that KNOW, LIKE, TRUST …

in an instant with a mainly cold audience on social media.

Those couple of drinks in a bar.
They’re barely even bothering to wink.

It’s all too fucking quick!

Not thinking of playing the long game.
Being impatient.

The fact that this – online shizzle of building reputation and a community ready to buy – is not a quick fix for making sales.

There have been a handful of people in my lifetime that I have met and instantly clicked with. When it happens it’s frigging awesome, what a sparkly fizzy feeling! But it’s rare.

It takes time and it needs to be planned.
Have realistic expectations.
Be prepared to stay the course.
Do it. Everyday.
And then the cool stuff happens.