Let’s all overthink about overthinking

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Overthinking on social media - Mushroom Souffle and Sarah FletcherLet’s all over think about overthinking.

I know this is a favourite hobby for some of you.

I can be highest Black Belt level at this.
If only a living could be made out of it!

You need to do something new in your marketing.
You know it will help your business or charity.
And it should be simple.

Except your brain decides to turn it into 2 hours of backflips, turning it inside out and upside down,
making it 10x more complicated than it needs to be.

Ever had that?

Me neither 😉

Remember that biog I needed to write in Jan?
The one where I asked for your help with 3 words that describe working with me?

Yep, totally overthought that, blew it impressively out of proportion, and it took me way longer than required.

You know when we talk in here about doing video?
Many of you totally overthink that and freak out.

(don’t deny it! I see it! And I’ve spoken with a few of you about it)

Thinking about sharing something about yourself on Facebook?
I can see the smoke pouring off those whirring cogs from here.

Keeping it simple is so fricking important.

Complex mean time consuming which means less action.

We have to catch ourselves when we go into this mode.


Overthinking is caused by fear

so it’s easier to talk yourself out of it than to do it.

One of my clients admitted to it the other day.
He came up with an awesome content idea, then spent 10 minutes talking himself out of it with every excuse he could possibly find.

You know them –
I’m too busy, I won’t like it, I don’t have the right equipment, people will think I’m crazy, I have other more important things to do, what if I do it wrong…

Then I rocked up at his office.
And now he’s doing it.

I know when it’s happening to me, which is the second I reach out for help by posting in a group or calling someone.

(OK, I’m talking bollox, we all know I wait at least another 30 mins before asking for help, just to make sure I’m really being a dick)

But you have to stop that thinking dead in it’s tracks.
Find the small step that means you will take an action.

Literally stop thinking altogether and do something.
This will then lead to doing more.

Over thinking will stop all the cool stuff happening.
It means the word no pops out of your mouth more than the word yes.

And we all know ‘yes’ leads to more exciting adventures, increased opportunities, better quality of life, and boosted results!

  • What makes you overthink?
  • How do you pull back the control and make shit happen?