The secret about creative people and social media planning

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creative social media planningApparently being a creative person sucks when it comes to planning…

“But I’m creative, I hate doing adminy, planning type stuff”

I hear it a lot, so I’m going to let you into a secret…




Planning isn’t boring admin.


I know! Who knew!

I get it,

Sitting at your desk bores you = no motivation to do your social media planning

So you aren’t, you’re just ignoring it.

This is the opportunity to get creative.

The chance to have FUN with how you’re going to communicate effectively with your glorious adoring public.

This is where you use that creativity to:

  • design eye catching pics
  • videos with a difference
  • whistle up new wizardry ways with words
  • spark new angles and ideas that your competitors haven’t thought of

showcasing what you do in the best light.

Come up with new ways to share your knowledge.

View it from an alternative angle to everyone else.

That’s the beauty of being a creative person.

Use that crazy creative brain power to BE DIFFERENT.
You already are with what you do, you just got to show everyone else.

And you can only do that consistently by planning it.

No one said you have to sit at your desk to it either – WOW!


For those of you who are now going to freak out & tell me you aren’t creative…

Planning is admin. Just crack on.